Hey everyone! thank you for reading my blog and keeping up with the new article. Instagram just released a new update, I mean for all Facebook and WhatsApp as well. Go check the article below:


Before we get on this article, please take note that this is my personal opinion based on how I feel about this event. If you have cross opinion with me, that’s alright. We are all entitled to speak out our own opinion.

So, after the announcement I have my own Instagram creator account. Facebook is updated into white UI with Facebook in blue logo. I have seen this update on the Facebook Lite available on Google Playstore. I am still using Facebook because it has multiple functions for me, I could just sign up in any other apps using my facebook account and it saves more time. I also run my facebook page that allow me to gain more audience.

While I am happy with Facebook, I am also happy with Instagram because they finally give my account a creator option, I can track who follow/unfollow and choose primary or general DMs.

Mark Zuckerberg release the news about Instagram hide likes update during F8 meeting. The blogger community that I joined have different response for this update. Some dislike it, while other like it.


As a content creator

I was thinking a while back from the beginning that I started my blog. Does this will affect the way I get paid? then I think back again that most brands are sending me product and also I have a business blog to run. I think of all the collabs that I worked, I have seen that most of my clients always asked for blog content and less on social media posting, especially Instagram. Do note that I always do unboxing on Instagram stories whenever I receive PR gift and I posted the PR box, not because the brands paid me to do it but because I wanted to post it and let my followers know about it.

So, did that affect my income?

Yes it is, as I go through with my sister, she also said that engagement does play a big role, no matter how your content is, the engagement is the first reason brands want to send you sponsored product and ask for collab.

I will be lying that won’t get affected as so many other bloggers say that this update probably gonna affect their income since brands are looking for our Instagram before they contact us for a collab.

Then again I think, maybe brands or business could be asked for analytics on Instagram before they proceeding to collab with us, but that will be so awkward to even email to the content creator and asked for analytics then prompt to cancel the collab if the creator doesn’t reach the engagement that they desire. Another reason will be

Can the brands or business read the analytics? do they know what caused the low engagement or how to calculate the right total of engagement based on following or even other elements?

I was thinking positively that perhaps their marketing departments know about it or their social media manager. The answer is NO, they may have no ideas about it or YES, they do. If the social media manager is handling the brand’s social media and try to grow the brand’s exposure in social media or digitally then they may have the ideas on how to calculate it.

BUT, again not all brands and business gonna employ social media manager and not all social media manager have legitimate ways to grow the account. Have you seen that not only influencer bought followers but brands as well. I think it’s already a habit to reach in instant ways to grow the account since the Instagram algorithm is playing the trick for the new account to get exposure in the platform.

Do I personally want Instagram to hide likes?

Answer: Yes, because I believe that this is will give me the chances to grow my account. Since so many people are looking towards followers before they press the follow button and liking content when others are liking too.

I asked my sister why she doesn’t press like button for content that those people post when she told me and said:

“This is pretty, I like it”

and she replies to my question:

“I feel so anxious when I like a post that no one I know liking this post and I have no ideas why maybe because I am afraid to be judged because I like certain things that my intercourse with others preferences. I don’t want to be judged by my friends.

She mean if she like something that she think is funny, but her friends (followers) think is gross then her friends will start to gossip about her.

If you don’t know, Instagram has notifications on the left side of the notification bars for the account that you follow whether they are liking, following and reply to comment. It is all there, unlike Twitter, nobody knows when you are mentioning or the following anyone but Facebook does when you start liking and commenting. Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram are owned by Facebook, so the user experience will be the same, the only difference is the interface since social media is built for different purposes.

I told my opinion on the blogger group and most bloggers do agree about this but they also point out about the currency-based engagement that I mentioned above. Content creators get paid by the engagement they have and get a new collab based on engagement and the content. If the brands feel the content is good for collab then they will contact the creator. However, pay based engagement has never happened to me before. I always set my rate and negotiate since I work as a copywriter and blogger – not influencer. I have always positioned myself in those ways. I get paid from the hours wasted to create the content with other elements such as tools to make the perfect content. For example, One article for advertising will spend roughly about 5 hours, so I do the calculation. For the video, it is how many hours I spend taking the video and editing it. This also includes other elements such as days to get back and forth via email with the brands. I get paid work hourly based because I regard everything as a project basis.

So, do I get paid based on the engagement?

The answer is NO and to tell you the truth most collab that I get is basically from my blog. Most of my client doesn’t know my Instagram until I asked them if they wanted a post on Instagram. My work mostly on a blog.

But that doesn’t solve the problem of I am gonna having a new collab when Instagram hide likes since no one can see the likes. So, I have no ideas about what will be going to happen and I haven’t get in touch with all the agency that employs me on a freelance basis yet this seems doesn’t concern me at all after I do all the review and I am glad to follow my sister advice, she told me to just keep updating my blog because this is where I started the content creation journey and I realized that I have been positioning myself as a writer/journalist this whole time. The client uses my article and some client asked me to do a publication for their newest brand or products, not on social media.

As Instagrammer

I love the new update, even as a content creator since it doesn’t affect me much. The new update will make us feel relevant to the community since so many people cannot speak their own opinion when they posted something and nobody likes it, it does feel like a rejection to the society.

I also hopes that Instagram will give hide followers, it will also be better if this is can be optional. For example: if the user wanted to make the account public by earning money toward the engagement, they can just slide it on. For users who doesn’t want to let people know, they could hide all of that, same like hiding comment option.

Yet, sometimes people likes to abuse this optional features if that will really be happened. They would just keep on saying

“Why do you hide your likes and followers, if you can be so opinionated and harsh towards other and bla bla bla..” well overly sensitive may be because they spend a lot of time on Instagram.

Because this thing happened, other users who actually have 1000 followers mock other users by saying

“Look at her followers, she is so bitter and throw that shitty comment” well.. they may just stating the fact?

Well it is a social media, there is lots of different kind of people. If the person that they talked about is really bitter, I have no ideas. I was scrolling through all the comment. Some even point out the profile picture. You know! it’s people… they sometimes create some problematic stuff and then go drama about it.

These influencer, total likes and followers are NOT created by Instagram but the users. All of those sponsored post and advertising on Instagram is not created by Instagram but the users. If Instagram does some triggering element to the user, I have no ideas.

I personally feel that Instagrammer abusing this platform, it is so scary to just see all those nasty comment. Some even regards instagram as personal identification, so f you have no Instagram is like.. you have no ID, and you maybe an alien

“It is weird if you don’t having an Instagram account

To be honest not anyone wants to have Instagram and play with social media. I don’t think as a user I have loaded amount of time to check on my Instagram unless I am a teenager just doing my study and planning to go to my college. Enjoying my young life.

I met someone on social dating apps, I mean I e-meet him and he asked me my Instagram then I said I don’t have any but Facebook. He said I was fake, liar and all other stuff. That’s really weird. I could have just made an account and then post other girl picture, duh!

Do I have to be treated that way? I don’t think so.

Do I think Instagram is a toxic platform? Yes, but the company is not to be held responsible. Those people like the man I meet on online dating apps is rude.

Then there are people who do the online dating apps and asked for followers, they give their Instagram ID on the bio. Well again, it is personal identification for some people *rollseyes.

How do I feel about Instagram these days?

It is becoming so mundane, I joined the influencer group on facebook and they all complaining about the engagement. In my own view, Instagram has finally become a boring platform, there is less of Instagrammer but more influencer account so if your engagement is low is because most of your followers are trying to be influencer same as you and they won’t be supporting you since this is a saturated market. It is not an Instagram fault that they change the algorithm.

People are abusing the platform, so they decide to do some changes. We as the Instagrammer keep on abusing the platform and there are people who have a mental illness, because of what toxic people do such as cyberbullying and then sharing when they post something then there is another Instagrammer who makes fun of it.

It is problematic and we worry and talk about likes and comment. even my sister often asked me

“Why I get only this amount of likes?” My sister also pointed out that her friends have massive followers and likes. It is like a society label of exclusiveness. I think it is totally ridiculous.

If you realize people don’t check on Instagram as often as before anymore. They don’t post quite as often. I got the feeling that people are getting bored with this too much aesthetic and advert platform.

I also feel that Instagram need to have bots and moderator. Like on telegram and Reddit, what these bots do is basically reviewing all the post and comment from stories, IGTV or even the page. So, whenever Instagrammer post something that is against the policy and rules then the post will not go through, with this Instagram be the safest social media platform and also enhance the use of creative people around even for those people who just want to have an account to browse around the platform.



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