My secret to Active lifestyle: Lao Xi Zhen Premium Beetroot from Hao Yi Kang

My secret to Active lifestyle: Lao Xi Zhen Premium Beetroot from Hao Yi Kang

Hi lovelies, today I am going to talk about my own secret. As you may know, I’ve been travelling so much and recently suffered from fatigue and sleepless night. This took a toll on my health and not only people can see it from my appearance, but more importantly I could sense that my inner body health was not in the best condition. My face looks dull and I always felt tired and drained. I have a cold and followed by gastric pain because I eat so late. I have to also cope with all my schedule and sometimes, I even forget things. This isn’t great at all. It definitely will and have cause trouble for me. One day I’ve taken the wrong train and at the end I arrived so late to meet my client.

I recently tried Lao Xie Zhen Premium Beetroot Essence (老协珍养生饮). Lao Xie Zhen has a long history of 80 years in Taiwan and has been a trustworthy brand since then. The essence is made of 100% plant extract that consist of Beetroots, Figs and Hawthorn.

Lao Xie Zhen Premium Beetroot Essence has all of the benefits that I need in one pack, so I don’t have to consume multiple products separately. It is beneficial for anti-aging and improving skin complexion as it promotes natural collagen production within the body because it’s rich in plant polyphenols which acts as anti-oxidant. It also helps to boost metabolism, healthy bowel movement, improve blood circulation, help with wound healing, maintain the tightness of cell arrangement and strengthening the body connective tissues (bones and joints).


Consume a pack daily after meal is recommended. You can consume it directly or put in the fridge and drink it chilled. You can also drink it warm by soaking in the hot water for 3 minutes.


I personally love the convenient of the packaging because it has been made for room temperature storage, in a 4-layered opaque sachet exclusively imported from Japan. The packaging is actually similar to baby bottle, the inner packaging has been proven to contain no plasticizer and heavy metal residue, thus it is safe to consume.

The Premium Beetroot Essence can be stored up to 18 months after manufacturing without any preservatives at all. The packaging uses Japan’s technology of high temperature and high pressure sterilization sealing method (日本高温高压滅菌封技术) to preserve the nutrients.



Lack of sleep can cause your metabolism to perform slow, this is the major cause of constipation. You will also notice that your body heat is increasing, this is because you suffer from high blood pressure. Beetroot is a superfood that can improves physiological function and promotes metabolism. It also aids in detoxification, boosts stamina, regulates blood sugar level and lowers blood pressure.


If you have imbalance weight or even suffering from constipation often, Figs will help to solve the problem by cleanse the toxic in your body and support digestive function by prevent from constipation. It’s also help with weight management and support healthy hair growth.


Some of us have suffer from lack of sleep because we are either too tired or we have to cope with our busy schedule therefore our brain will often active but our body is feeling tired. Hawthorn helps with digestion system, improves blood circulation, helps with insomnia problem, improves memory function and reduces anxiety.

Premium Beetroot Essence is suitable for all ages – elderly, children and adult. My family has been consuming beetroot essence for the past 2 weeks. I love the fact that I wake up early with nice skin and good metabolism, without spending my money to buy vitamin for good hair and skin or even buying a medicine for metabolism which later makes me feel limp.

You can get it on Hao Yi Kang Singapore website: they are the exclusive distributor of Lao Xi Zhen Premium Beetroot Essence
Contact on +65 96365061
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