If you happened to read my first review of Zinc Salon, I guess this is the followed up review. I have managed to visit Zinc Salon regularly for 2 years. Its been my 4th visit already and I am really in love with Rena at the Orchard Central Branch.

My previous blog review has garnish tons of people to read about this salon. I see as well that lot’s of readers has been having a pleasant experience when they visit the salon. This is the reason why I don’t like getting paid to promote if it involves personal experience such as hair cut. I am so sensitive about my hair. For my own personal reason for choosing this salon is because they do not use any influencer to promote their salon. You gotta know if it is in Singapore and promoted by influencers then it may not be a good experience. No matter what as a business, they will always do better for influencers hair but not the customers.

That’s really absurd – because they willing to pay influencers to promote and give them the services rather than using customer words- of – mouth to promote while customer also pay for their service. I don’t understand the logic. Well.. I am talking about lot’s of other salon in Singapore (you know who?)

The good things about this salon is the stylist doesn’t have to rush off for sales while the other salon are rushing off to manage the sales, so the stylist will focus solely on the sales and not providing good services. It is really annoying.. I get tons of whatsapp text from the other salon that I went to, till I blocked the stylist. Not a good start to ask me back to the salon, I have really bad experience. You can see the other salon review on this blog by typing: ‘Hair’.

My hair after 3 month, it is growing really long as you can see below image and I love that about Zinc Salon. When Rena cut my hair, and after sometimes it grow even better ‘beautiful’ is what it is described, because not all stylist from my own experience can manage to pull off a really beautiful hair after 6 month without any trimming, whatsoever

This is my recent cut just before I went to San Fransisco. I wanted to try a baby fringe so Rena give it to me and high layer – this is what I asked, yet the hair doesn’t seems flatten but bouncier. I use flat iron. Just so you know, my hair is really thick and it grow really fast. After CNY, my hair grow really thick and I guess my scalp is now sweating. I probably will meet Rena soon to trim my baby fringe and hair.

I guess that is all for my review and my final judgement is Rena will be my absolute hairstylist from now till she is not in Singapore, then I probably gonna cry and have to explore other stylists in Singapore that is really really hard to find in this country.

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Have you tried Zinc Salon before? What do you like Korean hairstyle? Tell us which salon in Singapore you have bad/good experience with. Spill your tea!

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