2019 Excuse Me

2019 Excuse Me

After a longtime away from blogging for detoxification. This is probably my first official article to start in 2019. It’s been a really long journey in 2018. I guess I wanna share lots of things with you.

I have been caught up in the midst of a crisis to still running this blog last year. I wanted to stop because I was really bored doing similar things over and over again. I discussed with my sister since we both are the one who started all of this. It’s been a good journey, however, if you ask truthfully I happened to not make any bucks from blogging at all but product sponsored. I am grateful for that but this blog doesn’t run freely, I have to pay for bills to run this blog. I am happy to pay for the bills because this is part of a hobby of mine.

Problem versus passion

The problem is this hobby are starting to become like work without payment. Brands are sending me product for exposure and somehow I just can’t manage my time to reply to all email and I feel really stressed about it. So, I stopped a moment and rethink. I redesign my content curation. I wanted to post something that I like. I have no longer wanted to write review on this blog, everytime brands sending me products. I guess I can’t keep up with that. I wanted my blog to be purely based on my own passion, like I wanna do in the very first place.

I am no longer wanted to be a push by brands that wanted to be featured or collab to quickly post on my social media or blog, by telling them this is the date that I can post. I love blogging, writing like this – give me something that I feel meaningful by connecting to the outside world, while I am looking for a proper job.

Don’t get me wrong! I love when brands wanted to sponsor my article or blog. I like answering email, I feel like I done something useful, beside it is connected to my passion which is blogging. If you asked me if I wanna do this even after I get a job, the answer is still yes. There are nobody pressure me to do this one. I could stop right at this moment but I can’t, since I have fall really deeply for having my own blog.

Good news

We have a contributor and she write a really good article that give positive response so far. I really want to help anyone who have same passion like mine, which is writing and blogging to explore and get some experience when they write on my platform. I love it! I hope that there is more people that have this passion since passion for reading is not dying yet even when YouTube exist.

Content Curation, so far..

It’s part of fun things. I feel that people who have a blog, taking photo, doing graphic design or any of that is a very creative people. After all, we owe it to Instagram. As much as a toxic platform that everybody labelled it but this platform is part of portfolio for creative people such as photographer, animation designer and all of the people who is giving us the visual pleasure.

I also have started to change all the curation into more of my taste. I always enjoy photography landscape and the moment that I share with the people that I love, I started to capture it. I prettu sure I wanted to share it with you. I am still going to share graphic template, tips from apps, photography, beauty and lots of others tips that I know.

From this, you may get the view that my blog is turning into lifestyle and travel blog. I will share a nice coffee shop that I found somewhere or in city that I visited. To explain further, I want to post something that I feel like posting and I feel that it will be useful for all of us in life. I wanted my platform to be what I want it to be. I still have the passion to curate the content but I will only post without pressure.

Excuse me

On this 2019:

Excuse me for being myself and enjoying it.

Excuse me for stopping to stare on my mailbox.

Excuse me for not posting so much on social media (because I am lazy or I just don’t have anything to share).

Excuse me for spamming so much on stories, or tweeting or even posting on any of my social media platforms because I got things to share.

Excuse me because I don’t write any more beauty review so often as I usually do just because I feel that writing review is too personal and bias since it is all based on my own preferences and demand.

Excuse me for not curating anything for more than a month, because I have no ideas what to write and I want to publish without feeling pressure.

Excuse me because I feel so peaceful and refresh for getting away from all of those email and brands demand.

Excuse me because I am only human and I can only deal so many.

Have you excuse yourself?

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