I have been living in singapore for 9 years and this is the very first post that I write for Singapore travel destination. On my previous ‘New Year post’ I have been meaning to write more about many traveling experience and lifestyle too. You can read below:

I moved to Singapore on 2012 and started in love with the country on 2010. I will be sharing all about Singapore on the next upcoming blog post alongside with images. Travel wallpaper from my images is available on Instagram.

Marina Bays Sand is the infamous Singapore Tourist Destination and also Instagram worthy location
Shoppes at The Marina Bays Sabds – for all of you who love luxury or just want to have a high tea. This is the place to go to, you can also enjoy a savory exquisite delight. They provide bars and pub with a great view of Singapore skyline (outdoor)

Singapore is one of the most develop country in Asia. With 2 weather condition. It either rainy or sunny. Most of us are always wearing summer clothes such as tank top and hot pants. I love this country because of everything from the education, mindset, lifestyle and also the people’s. This is the first time I live in foreign country. The people are friendly and helpful. They also speak 2 languages that I mastered, which is English and Mandarin.

I often travel by public transport which is the bus or fast train that we all called MRT. Singapore is the safest country in the world, second after Switzerland – this is according to the crime rate happening in Singapore. Every year Singapore has always welcome more tourist. I could see travel buses around Singapore. It is really peaceful and calm to stay and live here. No wonder I can stay for 9 years now. Just count from the years that I move which is 2012 up until now.

I will be sharing more about Singapore on the upcoming post.

What is your favorite country? and travel destination?

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