Tricks and tips: get your glowing long hair

Tricks and tips: get your glowing long hair

Hello lovelies, today I will be sharing some trick and tips for you. If you happened to followed me on my Instagram I am always have short and long hair selfies. My hair grow pretty quick, it took me about 6 month to grow this hair with trimming, that’s for sure but between 4 month I have not doing any trimming. The last trimming is the picture above, I did the trimming after my hair grow long enough. Let me tell you the trick to get glowing long hair by bashing all of those advice that beauty magazine ever told you. To be honest their beauty editor is not a beauty expert. Have you ever see their ownself? I bet you don’t.

This is the shortest hair that I ever cut after 5 years with long hair, see the date

This is my current hair.


This is a really bull shit advice. Trimming means cutting few inches of your hair, and that’s alone means you will never get your long hair, if you keep on cutting it. Stop trim your hair, let it grow. You really don’t have to trim it every 3-4 weeks, that’s wasting your money and your effort. The only way to grow your hair long is to not cut it.


Some say to me that showering with warm water is like similar like sauna. They also say that Hot bath or perhaps warm shower is good for health. That’s really a shitty advice anyone will say – that’s a crazy overstatement that anyone will say, when the proof is opposite. Hot/warm water is bad for skin and hair. You will never get glowing hair when you always shower with warm/hot water. Your skin become dull so does your hair. It trigger oil to produce more that it actually does, because your skin and hair will become dry. Shower with cold water, unless you are going back home around 10 om then you need to shower with warm water or else you will get cold.


This is the worst advice everyone will tell you, when they don’t want you to use your own money to care for you well being. Hair tonic, vitamin, shampoo, conditioner, hair spa, leave on treatment is the best hair treatment to grow your hair. I often use hair tonic even with my dry hair. It trigger the hair to grow even more. It similar things happened when you use so many skincare in your skin and there is a soft hair grown around your face. The formula trigger hair to growth thicker and faster.

I use these product below:

Choose the best one that suitable for your hair. Choosing hair treatment is similar to choose skincare. You will only use the one that is suit to your hair. It also apply to any beauty products.


You are not a horse, not even Arianna Grande have to ponytail her hair but only for showing up in public and that’s because she want to create her own trademark. Ponytail your hair will not make it grow faster but slow it down. Your hair cannot breath and it will change your overal hair condition. Tying you hair will make your hair crooked due to the rubber band that tying your hair almost a day, unless it is really hot or you are doing something and doesn’t want your hair to bother you then yes, tied up but wash after that and comb your hair while it is wet.

You also need to use your finger to comb your hair, it make natural volume and wave for your hair. This is good for those who have thin hair that wanted natural wave and volume. You also need to use hair vitamin when your hair is wet, at the end of the week 3-4 days you need to apply hair mask or hair creambath that you can buy at drugstore. This is good way to make your hair wavy, volumize and straight.

I know that some of us will always be so repulsive of listening to any advice in anywhere, but really the trick is to still always care your hair even thou it may not yet long as you wish it for, but it will be part of your long hair. Second, you must cut down habit of looking your hair and expect it to grow fast. That’s won’t happened. Lastly, you need to keep watch your diet, your hair may take longer than other people’s because you are on diet, you don’t eat much. Ever heard when your mom say “if you not eat, anything, you will become short” – This term is appicable for hair.

Dieting could also harm your skin, it will turned into dark color, dehydrated and dull – this is probably as harmful as wearing thick foundation. The only different is one coming from inner and one is outer. You can think which one is worst.

Other good things, you need to keep on tab is if you really want to grow your hair long, stop using peroxide for a while. Give your hair a rest about 6 month to 1 years. You need to stop doing curling or smoothing or any kind of permanent hair style for just this year. All of them you can do after your hair is growing.

Additional treatement is by combing your hair and use leave-on moisturiser whenever you are going to use hair tools such as hair dryer, flat iron/curl iron and even if you just going to do hairstyle such as ponytail, bun hair, etc.

That’s all for the tips! remember don’t ever cut your hair and use hair tonic. It may be a lot of things you need to do but hey! beauty is about caring for yourself. You need to emphasize that you are a beautiful girl and beauty cannot be achieve just by bornw with it. You must love doing all beauty stuff and being pretty. Self love is important, girls!

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Share any silly advice you heard about hair?


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