Hello lovelies, happy new year for all of you. I wish for your support again toward this year too. Today I will be sharing some of my favorite makeup on 2018. Before we begin, I will be sharing about my skin condition – I have dry, dehydrated, sensitive and acne prone skin. Therefore all of the makeup that I use will adapt to my skin condition, such as base makeup while makeup palette and others will adapt to what I am looking for in a product. I will tell you in details on below list



I will go with

water base:
  • Cover FX illuminating primer base (water base)
  • Kat Von D featherlight primer (water base)
Silicone base:
  • Palladio foundation primer (drug store)
  • Smashbox photo foundation primer
  • Lancome La base pro, and
  • Sephora smoothing primer

All of this primer is suitable for dry to very dry skin. The price range from SGD 5.00 to SGD 50.00


I personally love foundation that have high coverage and satin finishing but I will never deny that I also love iluminatting foundation. However, I will skip using matte foundation, because my skin is not suitable to use it. I choose foundation based on:

  • How smooth the finishing it
  • Blending texture after I use my sponge and how long do I need to blend it, time is crucial!
  • How long does it last
  • Does the foundation cause skin breakout or irritation

The price around SGD 50.00 – SGD 75.00

The one that I listed below is not gonna cause any skin breakout or irritation and have smooth finishing, therefore I will go on detail with the blending texture, lasting hours and times to blend.

  • M.A.C water weight foundation – the hour that tooks to blend is quick, the coverage is high and the texture in my skin is really smooth, however try to avoid using too much of this foundation as it will get cakey easily and try to use loose setting powder after you appply this foundation not foundation powder because the cakey will comes.
  • M.A.C Mineralize foundation – this foundation actually best foundation as it has smooth finishing and doesn’t cause cakiness. I love it but the draw back is this one gonna cause whitehead around, therefore to use this, you gonna need to use mud mask afterwards. Avoid using this way too often except, when you go out withfriends during druday night or go to party/event. The foundation last very long without the need for touch up. It does even melt. It is perfect like your second skin.
  • Laura Mercier silk creme moisturizing foundation – if you have acne prone skin and also suffering from dry skin. This foundation is perfect when you want to hide all the post acne or even acne at the time you are doing your acne treatment. This is oil free and fragrance free. High coverage and smooth finishing. This is the high coverage foundation that gives your skin moist, it does take your glow away.


  • Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizing cream SPF 15 – this is the best sheer foundation ever with smooth finishing and last really long. I love this! I find myself grabbing it frequently.
  • Palladio powder finish foundation – the first drugstore makeup that is equally matches with bobbi brown tinted moisturizing (above). The price only SGD 5.00. smooth finishing, long lasting and not causing any skin break out or irritation. What else can I ask? it is also cheap!
  • Estee Lauder cushion powder foundation – the cushion powder that have high coverage but slowly blend into your skin without oxydize ever. It perfect if you want to just hang out or do stuff outdoor, as it cover all your skin problem but giving natural skin look alike finishing.
  • Clinique chubby stick foundation – if you looking over something simple then this stick foundation is perfect for you who doesn’t much into makeup yet want to use it just for formalities. Hang out, outdoor activities, going to office or late night party. This is perfect foundation. The stick is also durable it doesn’t break apart as long as you don’t use direct strength during application. All you have to do just swipe it around your face then blend it with your sponge, add a little bit in the area that you desire.

Anyways, just wanna share with you that some concealer can work as foundation and it is better in performance than foundation, however the lasting hour may be less than foundation, therefore touch up is needed. The good things about concealer – it won’t cause any cakeyness in your makeup look. If you are someone who doens’t have any skin problem at all, it is best to use concealer and loose setting powder. Find your perfect concealer for me i will go with drugstore brand below:

  • L’oreal True Match
  • Revlon Color Stay

High brand will be Omorovicza Mineral Touch Concealer Stick


We all know that Laura Mercier setting powder is the best one out there yet some of us probably wanna reach out to more price saver setting powder, therefore I will listed down 2 brands that is perfect for their setting powder with details of why I choose them out of other setting powder:

  • M.A.C Prep + Prime setting powder – the perfect setting powder for those who love doing contour and highlight, as it give tyour face in shape. If youhave rounder face and you want your face too look on fleek then spending SGD 45.00 for this one is worth it, yet this setting powder cannot be use for all face as it will create sheer chrome makeup face. Alternatively, use highlighter to create face shape.
  • RCMA loose setting powder – I currently use this one and love it so much. I love how easily it to blend in my dry and problematic skin. I can use this whenever I want to use makeup, because it doesn’t create any problem at all yet giving me smooth finishing.
  • BENNYE setting powder – similar to RCMA but this one is thicker in particle, if you are someone new, you probably didn’t notice that the finishing between RCMA and BENNYE is slightly different. BENNYE give more coverage while RCMA blend into your skin perfectly.


I use BELLCOSMETICS hypoallergenic eyebrow styling set and L’Oreal designer pro brow pencil. Recently I try out Blonk Brow Bar slim brow pencil, and I find myself totally loving it. Other brands will be Billion Dollar Brow pencil brow, brow pwder and pomade brow


I am still totally in love with L’Oreal False lash Miss Manga and butterfly mascara (waterproof). BIG SHOT from MAYBELLINE (waterproof), and EYEKO Rock Out and Lash Out mascara (not waterproof).. For eyeliner, I will go with CLIO eyeliner, Maybelline hyperliner, and Eyeko eyedo eyeliner


  • SLEEK Makeup I-divine Eyeshadow
  • SLEEK Makeup Face Contour Kit
  • Illamasqua Duo Blusher
  • Illamasqua highlighter in ‘Deity’


I love drugstore lipmakeup recently and I go with satin, metallic, gloss and matte:

  • L’Oreal Colour Riche
  • Revlon Ultra HD Lip Gel
  • Milani Cosmetic Metallic Lipstck
  • Revlon ltra HD Matte liquid (semi metallic and matte)
  • Sephora Ultra Gloss
  • DIOR Lip Collagen Maximizer

Lord and Berry Timeless kissproof matte liquid lipstick – the best liquid matte lipstick I ever owned among all other.

This is all my 2018 makeup favorite. You can check the product on my page, click below and scroll around my page: kindly support me by following me on Instagram

What’s your makeup favorite of 2018? Spill your tea!


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