Hi lovelies, I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Today I will be explaianing more about the different between dry and dehydrated skin. There are so many explanation of this, and I know that you have already seen some of it, but let me further explain t you since my skin is dry and dehydrated.


means that less oil, less sebum and prone to be sensitive. It may also prone to acne and it may not be prone to acne. For my skin, it is prone to acne. In the past I am always so confused of which skincare that I need to use just to take care of my skin. If you happened to have the same problem, no worries.. I will be sharing to you my secret on this article.

Dry skin suffer from lack of moisturiser. In our skin, we produce natural collagen that coming from our skin and for dry skin it produce slower than other skin condition, therefore it is necessary to pick up skincare that replace the moisturiser in our skin, such as creamier face cream, thicker form of essence toner and using occlusive. If you have dry skin, you may need to pay attention upon using acid such as Ferulic acid, Ascorbic Acid, Glycolic Acid and BHA.

Additionally for the use of retinol, while vitamin A (tretinoin) may have different purpose to your skin but it does serve to dry up your skin even in the extent of wound your skin, because the skin is dead and it will peel by itself that will cause bleeding. I often suffer from this kind of situation and because I really need to use Vitamin a, along with acid that I mentioned above but my skin is dry.

Balance the skincare

I balance it up. For example, if I going to use Glycolic Acid, then I won’t be using Ferulic acid/Ascorbic Acid because the skin will definetly dry, if Iuse both of them. I followed by using essence and 3 layers of skincare which consist of hydrating cream (cream form, not gel because gel is for combination and oily skin. It doesn’t do much for dry skin) , moisturizing cream and occlusive. I added Dr. Jart+ Cicapair, if I still feel not enough. Then, I balance out by resting my face and only use all the cream above for around 3 days.

The next day, I use Ascorbic/Ferulic Acid, if I feel the pimples and dull skin starting to show up. The most important things that you need to take note is

‘if you see the visible sign of your skin changes then you need to use that skincare product’

e.g: if you feel that all the skincare is not asorbing then you need to apply Glycolic Acid because it help the skin transfer all the skincare into the deepest layer of your skin. It also work to lift up your skin and brighten it up by reducing the dead skin.

If you feel that you have so many whitehead and pimples, then you got to use Vitamin A or Tretinoin/retinol – how to use? you need to use after all the face cream and you may need to add face oils after vitamin A, in order to prevent skin to dry in the next days. It work to supply moist while treat your acne. some say, you can use ascorbic acid/ferulic acid alongside with tretinoi/retinol, I haven’t tested it out yet, therefore I have no comment on that but if you asked me if I going to do the test. I may prefer to play safe right now, since there is no problem with the sequence that I do.

If you feel that your skin is dull or perhaps you feel that your skin is exposed with sun too much then you can use ascorbic acid/ferulic acid till you feel that your skin back to the actual condition. It is all about balancing and using the right skincare that suit to your skin.

Solution: Face cream, hydrating cream (cream form), essence toner, occlusive, face oils, sheet mask, overnight mask (hydrating and moisturizing)

I use product such as: EVELOM brightening cream, First Aid Beauty Hydrating cream, Cetaphil Ultra Hydating Cream, Virgin chia seed oils from DECIEM The Ordinary, HADALABO essence toner, ORIGIN’s mask, CLINIQUE overnight moisture mask, perfect Aqua Rich from SENKA, HADALABO alpha Gokuyjun sheetmask.


all skin condition even it is normal will suffer from dehydration. It is either your drink less water, you are exposed with too much sun and perhaps you are eating junk food, maybe you are using makeup. Any kind of cause from outside and inside your skin will be the reason, this is also why when someone suffer from dehydration, the skin start to break out. I will be telling you one by one from the cause that I mentioned above.


From makeup

If you are someone who just reach your teenage ages and you love to explore makeup, which apparently most teenager does and neglect the skincare, except if they suffer from acnaic or oily skin. Then, you may be suffering from dehydration. If you notice several blogger/influencer that you follow suffer from skin breakout so often, when they do insta stories then the problem is becaus, they often use high coverage foundation. Even eyeshadow could cause dehydration. A lot of color meaning a lot of ingredients mix to make that color. You have to see the makeup ingredients. These ingredients will make your skin dehydrated and dry too:

  • Alcohol in any form even benzyl alcohol
  • perfume/fragrance
  • plant herbal extract

You also need to try to look out and do some research if your skin suffer from direct breakout, dehydration or even dryness after using a particular makeup or skincare.

While some blogger that you follow having a good skin condition – you could try to see how many of them that use instant face mask and go to skincare clinic. It is always be a balance between makeup and skincare. I will advice you to not wear makeup at home, unless you are going out to party or event or hang out with girls but if you just go to the gym then you may need to just take a makeup day off, because doing sport is the best skincare than the skincare products that you apply.

From travelling

Going travel could dehydrate your skin easily, the reason why is because inside the plane there always be air conditioning, even in the office. In anywhere you spend more time and have air con, your skin are prone to dehydration. To balance it out is use sheet mask whenever you travel. If you travel only 2 hour then you can use sheet mask while you having your rest but if you travel more than 4 hour then you may need to use sheet mask about 2 of it every 4 hours. For example: 14 hour travel means you are using 3 sheet mask. 4 hours traveling time means you need to use 1 sheet mask. It is travel time divided by 4 hours.

From food and drink

Eating junk food, spicy food, drink coke or sugar rush drink will prone to dehydration. Even just a coffee or tea. It is unhealthy. Our skin is layer up with lots of moisturiser that actually a group of water that coming from us drinking those water. We drink and the bllod bring to all the cells, that will help for digestion system and our health, that include skin too. However, drinking way too much water will be exposed to heart attack, so balance it out by looking after what yourself really need. After all we have to always love ourself.

Solution for dry skin: use sheet mask, essence toner and hydration cream. If you have oily/combination skin then take the hydration cream in gel form. If you have dry skin, take the hydration cream in cream form. Mostly it will be white cream. You can try to use First Aid Beauty face hydrating cream or Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating cream also you can use sheetmask that I mentioned above.

Other problem:

You may want to have fairer skin with less pimples or skin problem. This is the problem with asian women, we all want glowing skin, glass looking skin or fairer skin. The skincare sequence on this blog will help you to get glass looking skin. The sequence that I do is called 12 layer, it is meas to layered up your skin to reduce the dryness and dehydration. It is changing my overall skin condition. Right now I use less AHA and BHA products but tretinoin that I use when my skin suffer from whitehead or pimples, sometimes it happened when pre period week and also for me to maintain my skin elasticity, to prevent wrinkle and to remove dead skin cells.  I will attached below:

If you want to see my skincare sequence, you can have a look unto this few articles:

What product you use and encounter any problem? Spill your tea!