5 sign you are getting lazy of social media

5 sign you are getting lazy of social media

It’s not gonna be 1001 sign that I will list down here but enough to just write this article. If you read my private blog www.feliciatheodorus.com. – I made this blog to tell about my current life, mood and what I am up to. I always fond of blogging but perhaps not social media, because I am not so good with caption and posting personal stuff is not my forte too. I am introvert as you can tell.

If you happened to open my private blog above, I mentioned that I’m having social media withdrawal. Some people suffer from blogging withdrawal while I am so happy writing stuff online. This moody feeling happened ever since I travel for my visa application 10 days without an internet connection at all and always been so busy with discovering cuisine and shopping. Even after I am back in Singapore. I’m still packed with a long queue of the interview, as you know I am currently looking for a job.

At that time, I was doing collab with Daniel Wellington, but the good things that it is ended up when I am back to Singapore. I have been so tired with my schedule. Just to share with you, I have been running this blog as my full-time job over the past years, and right now I probably need to consider doing this as part of my fun time, when I really have nothing to do.

Therefore I am thinking to just share with you, all of those sign that I recently suffered.

It’s been over 3 month now. I still trying to post on social media right now, because I wanted to still engage with my audience and I really don;t want you guys to feel neglected.

The sign that you are getting lazy of social media:

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You are exhausted and tired

This is the best description of ‘lazy’ feeling. We are all exhausted, there is a point in life, where we reach that climax because we keep on doing what we often do. It’s like you are going to office nonstop. People keep thinking that content curator or being a blogger is a perfect job to run from actual job, where you have to wake up whenever you like. By fact, every content creator is waking up early in the morning every day and posting stuff, editing, creating a mood board. They have been doing it almost every day and even public holiday because that’s where you will see the phone and their content.

BORED doing same stuff everyday

For some of you who is the audience of their content may never think that this is the 2nd main reason.

“That fame, popularity and money who could ever thought that they feel bored doing it. You get paid of posting stuff while some of us are”

For one content that you saw on Instagram, there are many editing that blogger required to do, because it wasn’t attractive, not good enough and hundred of reason. If you see any Youtuber that has been doing youtube video and rant about brands that pulling out the collab because they think it is not good enough. Then, that’s the reason why several bloggers are exhausted, tired and bored of repetitive situation.

No engagement meaning no money. Buying Instagram likes or followers these days doesn’t makeup for it. Those people who buy these kind of things are the one who still wanna grow. The paid partnership provide analytics for the engagement and setting every social media to business, meaning real analytics to give to the brands.

Brands have their ways of pulling out the best and hard work blogger to work with them.

Unhealthy industry

I have no ideas about other industry than BEAUTY alone. After 3 years in this industy, I reliaze how fake people can be even the blogger that looks so innocent. They have been lusting over collab and sponsorship. They will take all the necessary possible action to just do their own stuff. I met most of them, thankfully I meet some bloggers who are doing their stuff and focus alone on their content. The good things is we are following each others via personal social media.

Not only bloggers, even the brands/business are often catfishing influencers and prefer bigger influencers to work with them. There is nowhere this small influencers could grow without sudden instant of exposure from big influencers.

No time for love one and self

This is my main reason, for every time I go out with people that I care right now I feel there is no need to take video/photo for my Snapchat or Instagram stories but focused on them. It’s tiring unless I find something cute to share not has to be always taking video. In South East Asia, staying update is a must, probably because of FOMO vibes. Last time I check I don’t have any.

Too busy with important stuff

For me, I am quite busy thinking of applying for a job, getting myself on interview and getting that job. Helping my dad with his business and also applying for other important stuff that need official government permission such as visa application. Nonetheless, I also have to travel here and there, not because of leisure but important matter to attend. someone have life other than social media.

If I have to post on social media, I need to create mood board for it and make the content as attractive as possible, which takes a lot of time. Even for this article it takes me about half hours since the internet connection is slow and I really need to change my laptop.

Content creation taking all the focus and energy much. PewDiePie takes almost everyday to make YouTube video and he somehow have his own office to do it and employ people to help him. That alone is for YouTube, and he seldom post on Instagram. What if a blogger have to post on blog, YouTube and social media? Not anyone as lucky as PewDiePie, right?

That’s all for today articles. Hope you don’t mind if I digging my hidden hole and just be there for a while as long as possible. Anyway, in 2019 I will be changing the content of this website, but still thinking through with the ideas. Ciao from now!


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