Hello lovelies, welcome back to another review of First Aid Beauty. I bet that you already read about First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser that I just uploaded today as well. It’s been so long since I did my review and finally, we are back with skincare discussion. I don’t know if I really want to focus solely on skincare product but I feel like I really need to focus on skincare much because you guys need to have some exposure for skincare especially around our age (I am 29 this years) it is very crucial for us to take really good care of our skin and I feel you!

I wanted to say also that I have been quite busy lately, I planned to visit my brother and also applying for a job. In case you may not know, that I currently looking for a steady job. i really love blogging and it is my passion but it never cross in my mind to do this as permanent job. It’s really a nice experience to sit down and curate something. It’s enhance my creative side and I do love writing as well.

Enough chit chat..

This face cream I found on Sephora because I am half frustrated with how my skin, I did mentioned this on previos reviw of First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser as well. I hate the tiny pimples in my face, and the cause of this because of the lack of moisturizer and my skin is quick to dehydrated. I need that kind of light cream but providing my skin with really good intense moisturizer yet it won’t clog the pores.

How was it?

I try the First Aid Beauty face cream for the first time, and i really loving this cream, to be honest this cream could work as primer base as well. It does supply my skin with lots of moisturizer and it lessen skin breakout even thous the breakout may occur after traveling for long hours.


The skin feel smooth and it manages to give my skin with supply of moisturiser. I really love this brands and the price is not that expensive as well. I bought in big bottle and manage to use 2 bottle for the face cream. No regret!


If you have issues with fussy skin like mine, which is dry, dehydrated, sensitive and prone to acne then this cream may be suitable for you but do note, each one of us may have same skin condition but the reaction will probably vary from person to person because we build from different genetic. My concerned with my skin is the skin around ny eyes and cheek that easily red.


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