Hello lovelies, welcome back to another review on my blog and it’s been so long since my last review. Don’t you worry that this article is not sponsored at all. As usual, I will be sharing all the details regarding First Aid Beauty products. This product is available on LookFantastic Singapore with my coupon code FEL22 for 22% offsite, exclusion apply. Other retails that carry this brands is Sephora Singapore.

I was peeking over Sephora to look over another face cream and cleanser, because I still have problem with adult acnes and even thou i have already change it with oil cleanser, there is still something missing, therefore I explore Sephora and find First Aid Beauty.

The things that I love about First Aid Beauty is the packaging and the texture of the cleanser. It feel like it going to cleanse all the dirt but doesn’t remove my natural skin moist. I decided to purchase it. I manage to use this product for about 3 bottle already and I really need to repurchase this cleanser right now.

My skin condition is dry, dehydrated, sensitive and prone to acne, my biggest concern is the skin around my cheek that easily red and skin around my eyes. I am really a fussy person when it comes to skincare, I just need to choose the right one. My skin are quick to dehydrated and when it comes to that, the tiny pimples will come up. I always ready to use sheet mask whenever i finish long day travel, because if I don’t supply my skin with moisturizer, the next morning my skin will breakout, and it turned horrible.

What about makeup?

This one cleanser is really good to remove all the excess makeup, I followed the guidelines from KLOG by using oil cleanser and then water base cleanser for dry skin like mine. Firstly, I use Micellar water from Garnier, its really cheap and cost me about SGD 5.00 and suitable for skin like mine, and then all the face cleanser I mentioned above.

What is the result?

There are no skin break out, and my skin moist are still intact. I was seeing the result of more brighten, plump and smooth skin. I have no problem at all using this face cleanser.



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Felicia is a writer podcaster and social journalist. She previously writes for publisher company such as MEDIUM publisher and Allwomenstalkcom. She received the award for Top 50 Indonesian Beauty Blogger on March 2018.
Skin Condition: Dry, Dehydrated, Sensitive, prone to acne and irritation.
Beauty Products Essential: Facial Essence, Sheet mask, Occlusive, Hydrating cream and mask
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