Hi guys, if you have noticed that last week I seldom update on Instagram nor does on this blog. I have fly to Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia to apply for US visa. since the US Consulate is located on the west side, therefore I decided to rent a studio apartment in the west area. The studio apartment cost me about $ 22.00 and I rented it for about 10 days. This is the best price that I can get since I wanted to save cost.

My worst experience is not about the place of stay. I cannot expect much for 22 bucks, such as a big room or hot shower or anything. It’s 22 bucks, it’s really really cheap. The only problem that I have and I think most everyone that has been to Indonesia is how inconvenient the city is. We have to travel by car or motorbike, and worst scenario, if we travel with these 2 type of median, is the crime, by potentially anyone.


First, worst experience is when I travel via Grab but wait! let me explain something to you. Indonesia is famous with UBER apps not Grab, most of the Indonesian driver that I spoke to, have a really shallow judgment with Grab, they all say that GRAB is made in Singapore, not Australia. This typical western supporter is everywhere in Indonesia, they like everything about white people, and I feel it’s really a shallow and cloudy judgment. The worst things happened when this GRAB driver doesn’t even know where the consulate is, he never goes there, therefore, he relies on google maps, I was rushing to go there, and my appointment is 9.30 am. Besides that, I get so nervous because this application requires a screening interview. It doesn’t make life easier.


Second, The breakfast. Nobody open at 7 a.m in the morning but 10 a.m, even if I have to go to Starbucks, it is inside the SOGO department store that only opens at 10 am. The time is so slow, and it’s about 2 hours before lunch, there is no point of eating a calm breakfast. I have to buy bread and eat with plain water only.


Third, the road is way too far to go everywhere and traffic jam, I have to spend about 2 hours on the road. I am so exhausted and this GRAB driver doesn’t have any changes for cash payment since everyone using OVO.


Believe me! every staff is looking at their customer up and down, even thou, they are not working in those luxury brand store. I mean, even if they work in a luxury brand store, you ain’t supposed to treat buyer like that. I have heard a rumor about the Sephora Indonesia staff that is mocking their customer that wear only a pair of jeans and a T-shirt while shopping in the store. They have this lazy attitude that if whenever I go to the shop or restaurant, they always have this hostile gesture and doesn’t want to serve the customers because it is time to chop chop go back home.


Eating at the local restaurant called TAWAN, has the worst services ever. I was being told that the rice is finished therefore I order noodle, and of course to eat noodle, I need plate and chopstick, because I sharing noodle with 2 other people’s but the staff refused to gave instead yelling back by telling “You ain’t eat rice, why do you need plate and chopstick?” it is so rude and I reported to the manager, of course, she back the staff and instead looking at me in bad ways, till I said “It’s okay, I will call the customer service and report about today incident”

I feel she doesn’t even worry, if the restaurant is close down due to the sales, she is not only not get the bonus nor commision but lose a job while probably her entire family is relying on her.

So, that’s all for my experience. If you have any bad experience during travel, your welcome to spill your tea!


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