My 1st years of blogging

My 1st years of blogging

Hi lovelies, I wish you enjoy your weekend. A good news to share with you that I am so happy you subscribe to my blog. Thank you so much, it means so big to me. I hope that you continue to join as an insider of this blog and sending feedback regarding anything by replying directly to the mail.

I was thinking a few days back to either write up about my blogging journey and decided to write my first years og blogging instead and share it to you. Blogging has always been my hobby, or should I say writing is my hobby. I love writing about anything that pops into my mind. The first platform that I use is Tumblr, it’s really a good platform to share content because it has the option to re-blog. I love Tumblr, up till now I still use it to write like my personal diary:

Blogging is fun for me, so I don’t mind to pay for my passion. It has allowed me to connect with people who share the same passion with me and over the years I have been meeting online with supportive people who make really good content. It is really nice to see my Instagram homepage feel of useful information and attractive content.

“My first year was tough”

I could say that I learn in a bitter way at the beginning. I get brands deal with popular brands that you like t visit. Never realize that business not actually like an honest review, since I providing a review based on my testing procedural and experience upon using the product. The brands sent me as part of a gift, and I didn’t like the product. The quality is bad.

Back then, I only things to provide content for my readers.  I buy the product, doing the test and share it online. For me, it’s really fun things to do because there is no deadline whatsoever. I get to connect with my favorite brands and establish a relationship with them. My photography and content are really sucked, if I were to read my first article, I probably going to throw up. It is ugly but as I keep on writing, I establish my own style of writing and develop new ideas.

The Addiction

The writing just flowing naturally and I get quite itchy sometimes if I don’t write anything. It’s like an addiction that I cannot remove. I just feel that I have to write content, and post something online. It is quite scary but I did some research few bloggers are experienced the same things. It is wasn’t entirely bad things but if a blogger desperate and stressed about it, it won’t be good.

I was stressed out last time because the blog wasn’t running so well. I decided to stop and close the account but my sister says to continue and only post when I want to post. Therefore, I doing blogging and social media post withdraw for a month on my second years. I did it. It feels awesome to know that I can control my own freakout.

I also suffer from stress because I didn’t get enough brand collab at first years yet I kept doing my content, publishing it almost every day. There is a time where I really feel so sad because blogging is not what I expect it should be. It’s a hard job, it is a really hard job, and I don’t know where I am going at that time. I don’t know what things I should do. My English is bad and that takes lots of part in my original content. My sister helped me to fix it.

I was also stressed at that time because I have been looking for a job but didn’t get one. I have nowhere to go and need to make an income, therefore I seeling lots of my stuff online, and I feel so thankful with people who purchased it because they contribute with my life being and this blog as well. It’s quite a moment.

Ever since that time, I decided to provide blogging tips on this blog and I did. I am so grateful that anyone who follows the tips feels that is useful and still doing it up till now. I did provide blogging tips such as how to outsource your income thru blogging.

This blog can run up till now, not because of my own hard work but my sister as well and all the relevant people.

Some of these people may have no ideas that they contribute to this blog, such as leaving a feedback comment. I was truly happy every time I read people comment and grateful to anyone who purchases my lashes. They may not know that they contribute much but they indeed did.

Now, I am not stressing so much to make good content or even post on social media but when I feel that I have good content that I want to share. I have a life and I need to also spend time with people who matter to me. Spending some relax time with me. I will never put pressure to earn income thru this blog anymore but leave it as it is. If the fortune comes, it will come but I am still gonna looking out for a job that I did want to pursue.

Blogging can be fun when I want to do it not because of the earning but passion. Dealing with the due date and brands pressure to do exposure is really much to take from time and effort because establishing a good content thru collab need to be revised multiple times. It is work as a portfolio for a brand to review and approve. It is the full concept of digital advertising.

Let me know what your impression or thought or feedback about the article? How is your first year of doing something that you passionate about? Spill your tea!


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