• Treasure hunt: Instant Brushes Cleanser

    Treasure hunt: Instant Brushes Cleanser

    Hello lovelies, Thank you for tuning in to my blog. I just found a perfect brushes instant cleanser. I have no ideas if you makeup junkies know about this treasure, but I feel that it’s really good stuff to just share it to you all.

    The instant cleanser cleanses the brushes by circulating the brush toward the hard sponge as you can see on the image below. I use it every time I use palettes, such as eyeshadow palette and blusher. You can buy it on online shop such as Lazada, Qoo10sg, Shopee, DaBao or even other e-commerce platforms.

    This one doesn’t cost much as well and I think it’s a perfect investment for all of us, who love makeup. Rather than spending the time to wait for the brushes to cleanse after washing it with soap. This one remove all the dirt temporary but you still gotta need to cleanse brushes with soap, because of the bacteria inside the brushes may not be good for your overall skin health.



    Have you known about this treasure? Spill you treasure by sharing it to others on the comment below!


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