THOT is stand for That Hoe Over There, in case you don’t know we are always have that kind of friend, whether it is a friend or a group of friend, whose likely talked about us behind our back to other friends that know us, either as acquitance or inside cirlce of friends. Oh yea! the nasty stuff happened if she or he, trying to beef you with some other friends.

    Beef is US slank that stand for brawling, or creating an issue so two or more person starting a cat fight. I happened to see Nicki Minaj beef with Cardi B and  starting to think that someone may set them up. Any speculation about their beef got the chance why they started the cat fight. anyway, I wanted to talk about the person whom always starting to create beef between friends.

    I know one person during my university life, this person is a female so we will say that she is she. If you see her, she does look like an it girl, even my junior high school friend, keep saying that she is pretty, smart and elegant. So, as a best friend I took everything that she say inside my head but really? When I look at her, I just know that she is not someone that I can trust.

    “You know… real experience of meeting people and listening to their stories is what contribute to our decision making.”


    Me and my best friend enter different university

    After final exam is finished, before that me and my best friend has already decided which university we want to enter, she joining Design Communication Visual and decided to married someone after that. While I pursuing my law degree and not decided to married rigt after university, for sure. My parent has no money and we are kinda living like a peasant lyfe at that time. I would never say that I am financially enough. We have ups and down, that’s what make my family like this right now.

    “Never give up”

    Turned out this girl also enter the same university, my best friend introduce me to her since she mentioned I enter same university with her. I actually planning to just meet new people and stop making friends with my junir high school, because it is boring to just be friends with same friends when you are in the high school. Its feel like my university life starting to dim a bit, but I know the good intention of my best friend.

    So, we know each other and try to find similar interest. Well.. you know socializing…. this is what human do.. to be honest right now, i really tired of socializing. every time I meet new people in the industry I will need to socialize with them and that’s probably affect my dating life, because blind date need to more socialize and I tend to be quiet.

    The university life

    So… Me and her are in the same university. The university have orientation and she helping me much at that time but only after we started class. I fit into new people and started to just make friend with others, while I still be friends with her.

    The beef started when we are reaching our almost final term, the other friend say to me

    “She say that you are xxx, and she also say that you are saying something about me and the other friend”

    I was like “whuutt? I’m not close even to any one of them”

    You may get confused, so we form a group of 4 girls, where the other 2 friends has becoming best friends, while me and her just normal friend. I never let anyone to be too close to me or even share my personal problem, if I don’t fully trust her. Well… trust is earned and I never planed to sign up to be her best friend, anyway.

    Then the other two having fall out because one man like the best friend while the other girl liking this man. I will tell you this hot story soon on our chit chat session. She need a friend and our house is close enough, so we be each other friends, not a besties or best friends. Then, this THOT is having new friends, well she already forming the friends at her class at that time. It’s common if she left this group.

    Turned out, she know about the s**t that happened between these 2 other girls and she kinda supporting the other girls. She seek forgiveness by apologizing to this friend, she told me everything. She kinda forget about it and still be friend with this THOT and the other friends. I moved to Singapore, we drift apart because of another reason that I will tell you more about it, if you sign up on my blog



    The THOT married about like 4-5 years without having a baby at all. I think she trying. She likes to talk some s**t about her high school friends as well, but you know.. some people mind if you talk about them, some people are way too generous and forgive it easily yet still be friends. Probably because they realize that we are all just human and nobody really perfect. It’s common for Asian to just let go of dispute. That’s probably the reason why there is no reality show drama that involve about Asian, because you probably gonna see the forgiveness talk show.


    KARMA happened

    I never believe at first but after 29 years alive, I starting to see that mean people get their own karma. She get her own karma, the fruit is full and juicy. She reap what she do last time. People like her tend to not realize that the life that they have doesn’t stop in certain age but continue, unless there are accident happening.

    My dad always tell me “wait till the future, till the day you die, and you will know what will happened to you, because this karma things, when it happened it doesn’t stop. It is the most scary things ever happened in you life. Talk about tsunami, you just die instantly, but karma is like life torturing session. What you do to others and what other feels is going to happened to you. That’s why don’t treat people way too harsh”

    In Chinese term we say


    Don’t act too harsh, human are still human being

    This is to remind people who likes to dehumanize others, such as thinking that Gay or transexual doesn’t equal to them or doesn’t deserve to be happy.

    May I remind you? 人家还是人生. They are also human same as you.

    I don’t really favor that people who keep saying “You get karma” or “It’s karma, bitch” when you are doing some mean things as well. Err…. it’s double standard. Karma is exist for you and the other person whom you shouted about karma too. Of course, I get my own karma with the things that I do too. I won’t say I don’t get it, karma doesn’t treat me special, it’s happened to anyone.

    So, that’s all for the chit chat session. Thanks for reading and don’t forget karma exist. Mind your own action.



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