Barry M Nail Polish review

Barry M Nail Polish review

Another drugstore brand that is underrated in Singapore. I purchased several makeup from Barry M that perform really good and the nail polish as well. I try the nail polish because of the color attractiveness. I find out that the nail polish quality is really good and feel to share it with you all.

Before I talk about the product, I needed to share with you, how I choose nail polish and think it is made of good quality.

I review nail polish based on:

  1. The thickness of the color (sheer/medium/bold) and range.
  2. The quality as you paint it into your nail.
  3. The level of dryness.
  4. After I remove the nail, would my nail become yellowish.
  5. The level of attractiveness of the nail color itself.
  6. The price versus all the quality above

The natural color of nail could turn yellow due to the nail polish ingredients used to produce the nail polish.

For that reason above, Barry M do not make my nail turned into yellow or dry. The nail polish are quick to dry than any drugstore brands that I use. This nail polish is not easy to remove, it can sustain for longer than 2 weeks without reapplication. If you are someone who doing house chorus, you may not need to reapply too often as this nail polish is not easy to peel off.

The color is really thick and attractive. There are lots of options that you can choose for Barry M nail polish: metallic, gelish and chrome. The price is about S$6.00 -S$8.00

As you can see below image:


Have you tried Barry M Nail Polish yet? Spill your tea!


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