Catrice Nail polish review

Catrice Nail polish review

Hi nail junkies, let’s review another one drug store for nail polish. This time is Catrice. I know that a lots of you may have know about this brands. It is really a popular drug store brand but I kinda wanna tell you that I going to skip over their nail polish.

The color is great but the quality is not as good as the rest of the brand that I review on this blog. Even Revlon deliver a good one even thou for me is a little bit suck but this one maybe worst than Revlon.

Not that I prejudice toward this one brand but if the one product of a brand is really not good, what can I say? I don’t wanna mislead people by saying I have a good experience over this brands (even thou it’s gifted product) when truly, it is suck.

I believe that brands should need to improve their quality rather than using influencer way to promote their brands.

This is the nail polish

Spectra light is better than brown collection. The nail polish color and formula is not that great. The color could turned different and the nail polish is slow to dry. The liquid of the nail polish is quite unusual for me.

Upon using this nail polish, I just don’t get that good impression upon using this probably because I have been using nail polish that is better in performance and quality also way cheaper than this.

So, I vote no.

Have you tried Catrice Nail Polish yet? Spill your tea!


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