Eye Cream Vs Face Cream – Does both significantly the same?

Eye Cream Vs Face Cream – Does both significantly the same?

We all always thought that face cream is just same with eye cream. The reason why we keep saying that in our mind because eye cream is such a expensive skincare. Probably the most expensive skincare that makes us skip on buying it.

There are 99.9% of the population in this world having problem with their under eyes or even eyelids. With our busy schedule, we often lack of sleep and tend to get tired. It just so much to do and so little time to rest or even entertain ourselves.

We often see computer or smartphone almost every hours of our life. Then coffee.. we drink coffee because we lack of sleep and we see computer that makes our eyes even tired. I was going about a day without seeing any email nor updating anything socially. It does reduce tiredness. I keep myself going on outdoor activities that keep me busy and forget about smartphone.

As I realize all my skincare have no balance without eye cream. I do some research with eye cream ingredients and face cream. In my surprised eye cream ingredients are contain lots of good stuff inside and less alcohol. While face cream ingredients are lesser and probably contain artificial perfume.

I bought myself 2-3 type of eye cream and try it out. I try Belif Revitalize eye cream that does nothing but giving moisturizer only  (I stop repurchasing since it does nothing), Skin O2 plumping eye cream that work to plump my eyes but doesn’t give anything with my dark circles problem and now I currently trying Mizoni.

Mizoni is a Korean brand that I just know and try almost 3 weeks now. I will review that on different post. The things that I wanted to tell you is eye cream is not the same with face cream. Choosing the best eye cream is necessary, without or with eye cream you probably could get milia too.

This is the crucial part of our daily skincare routine that maybe scary to us, will it be digging our pocket and either will it give bad/good result? We don’t know yet till we try it out, but this article is telling you say that if you check your face cream ingredients at the back of the packaging and eye cream too. They are not the same. Some face cream ingredients are added to eye cream, make it creamier and rich in texture to work toward recovering your eyes problem.

While using eye cream to your face is not something that is right to do because it could cause skin breakout and clogging your pores. The under eyes and eyelids is really sensitive part of our eyes. The skin texture is different. For my under eyes, I could see that my skin texture is really visible. There is a visible dot that form a line from inner skin and it’s popped out a little bit from the rest of the skin, but as long as I didn’t see it closely, it certainly not visible to me. As I ask my family, I assume that this is genetically and my skin doctor didn’t say much about it, so I guess there is no harm coming within the skin area. Each individual is different, you can check yours and see it yourself.

What do you think about eye cream? Is it waste of money or necessary? Spill your tea below!


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