Beauty apps for perfect selfie

Beauty apps for perfect selfie
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Hello girls, today I wanted to share with you apps that I often use for perfecting my selfie.

Whether you want a V shape face, smooth skin or perhaps adding virtual makeup this app gonna do it all. All the app are easy to use and provide fast result, better than using Photoshop which takes lots of time and not anyone able to use photoshop. Let’s start with first apps:

1. Beauty Plus app

this app gonna smooth your skin, minimise your face width, sharpen your nose, makes your lips full and even change your skin tone. They also provide few filters for perfecting your selfie. I will not be recommending to use smoothing effect way too much or minimise your face shape till it does look really ‘V’. You can adjust everything by dragging to the left or right. I mostly use automatic because the app will read my selfie and process the best option for my selfie. With this selfie, I don’t need to edit my selfie to photoshop or even lightroom. The picture result is 10 out of 10 and looks really natural

2. Makeup Plus app

Virtual makeup artist for you. I was the insider last time before they close their influencers feeds (I actually things it wasn’t necessary for them to use influencer in the first place). I like to makes my lip shade more visible or even adding dramatic lashes, especially when my brow almost gone because I scratched it accidentally. You can adjust the makeup sticker by using opacity option which dragging to the left and right.

3. Cymera

This is the app IMO better than facetune, it’s provide liquify option and also you can slim your body shape with this one. Either you want to increase your height or widen your hips. This apps can do all of that instantly.

4. Lollicam

the apps provide cute filter that you can use and also slim your face shape or even smooth your skin instantly. If you are someone who love to have bigger eyes lens but don’t want to buy it because waste of money then this apps will do it for you.

This is all the apps that I use and recommend you to try on. All the apps are available on App store and Play store. Some of the option need to be purchased to use but overall all is free.

Have fun taking your selfie.

Have you tried any of above app yet?


Felicia is a writer podcaster and social journalist. She previously writes for publisher company such as MEDIUM publisher and Allwomenstalkcom. She received the award for Top 50 Indonesian Beauty Blogger on March 2018.
Skin Condition: Dry, Dehydrated, Sensitive, prone to acne and irritation.
Beauty Products Essential: Facial Essence, Sheet mask, Occlusive, Hydrating cream and mask
Quote: “I can’t ever go on a day without my nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow and a good highlighter”
“A skincare routine is some ‘me’ time with you and your favorite person in this entire world”

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