My current favorite: Zinc Salon review

My current favorite: Zinc Salon review

Just wanted to share with you a good salon in Singapore that probably not anyone know about this.

If you read my recent review with salon vim


I happened to find a good salon and stick with it. The salon name is Zinc Salon and it’s located in Orchard Central. This is not sponsored post, I just happened to forget sharing it with you.

My first service is hair cut, I love it! If you are someone who love korean hair cut and have thin hair then this salon is your answer. The cut is really precisely perfect, I kinda love it the fact that my hair got wave and stylist a little bit.

When my hair grow longer, it’s still look perfect so I manage to not cut it again after 3 month. My stylist called Rhena, she is a korean woman and she really focus on doing her job. I believe that being hair stylist is her passion.

After all doing this sort of things need to have passion rather than thinking if earning big buck of money. I like it and I pay about $48.00.

You can go on check the salon review on internet.

I use my photo on the article cover, the hair cut is from Zinc Salon and that’s how it look like when it longer. It’s look voluminous and not flat anymore like last time. I got thick hair but it’s hard to make it having such a wave unless I often wash it and blow dry it and now don’t have to do it, anymore. I just have to wash it and let it be because it will waves itself without blow dry or else, just to make it volumizing.

Have you tried Zinc Salon yet? Spill your tea!


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