What happened with brands? Copyright issues

What happened with brands? Copyright issues

Has anyone had the ideas what happened to brand these days? Are they so desperate to use creator content till their act in a crazy manner or is it just because they hire social media manager that doesn’t have the ideas to handle social media?

Well, this article will talk about a few nasty brands and I will just be going to let you have your own thought while I share my own.

As a content curator, I feel quite unjust and unfair when brands using content that the creator made without asking for permission. It’s not that hard to ask for permission and of course as a content creator myself, I will ask you to give me fees if you are using mine. It’s my work.

For example, if you are an advertiser or marketer and then you are creating a video of your company or product and other brands changes it like WOWO did. How is that even feel?

Not good

That’s how the creator made. To elaborate it even more. A creator is someone who has an aesthetic on what they are doing such as photography, motion graphic, illustration, etc.

I myself also following other accounts, the reason I follow this account because their page is so pretty despite their followers. This is for me because a creator who has the largest audience tend to post same stuff every day and not really done many posts, probably because they feel enough to reach certain followers.

It’s a tough job because the creator have to make content every day and some creator does work in corporate or even still go to school. It’s not like they have time to keep creating content especially when creator needs to edit and do other stuff that takes about 4-6 hour a day. Other things are when the creator post it every day, to keep you entertaining.

This requires hard work and I have been giving up doing it every day like I normally do. I don’t have time to rest and I don’t feel normal.

The following image is when the creator content is taken. Some with permission and some without. I will explain it one by one

I am not planning to hide the brands, because some of my readers are the content creator too. This just to let you or your content creator friends know about it. If you reading this, go and tell them to watch out brands that using their image. Using tags on the content itself, not helping much but it acts as the first step of precaution by claiming to your audience that the image or content is yours.

I did tell my viewers that my content is taken by 2 brands that later I manage to report it to Instagram by filling the form. To be able to report the content must be creator own content and only the creator can report, not others. I don’t see any of content creator know about this but I share the link to Instagram copyright form below:

Link to copyright infringement form

It happened in the middle of the night, at that time I write reviews for you guys to read during the weekend. I scrolling on Instagram and find 1 post from x brands that is actually my post that I posted a few months ago. I don’t give any permission for them to use my content because I don’t have any business relationship with them.

If you are a creator, you got to know. If a brand send you product and for exposure its remain in your page for only 24 hours, you got to remove it afterward or archive it. I prefer archive and never forget to tag your name on your own content. Remove, because they don’t pay you. It’s product replacement for exposure. If they want static post then they have to pay for sponsored post, because if you give it to 1 brand, they will going to treat you like a whore.

“You need a dick, so you gotta be cheap hoe”

Why would you do that? Why you wanna be a hoe?

Or another exposure is an Instagram story. Never afraid to reject brands that ask way too much stuff like brands below. This is from my email. Later I reject all of them.

To the brands who read this. I may be a minor blogger, I don’t have that many followers nor even can be treated as equally as 100K above influencer but this blog is my channel and it is circulating through the internet via SEO for sure. So, don’t be nasty toward the creator. Even if they have a small influence but if one of the followers sharing.

It is going LIVE

I purposely block the name of the brands/business because I have rejected them but I wanted to share and let you know that creator does have it rough. It’s not all like other creators who keep saying that they have such a good life, maybe for them but not for me.

I have it rough. Brands trying to make me their bitch but am I gonna?

The power of rejection

Of course, I reject brands, even the gift that they send. If I don’t use the product, there is no point in sending me a gift. Of course, I consider brands feeling, they wanted exposure but I don’t feel it. It’s fair for them to look over other creators that interested with the gift. This is the reason why I receive few products and why there are new brands on my content, I like to try and if it is good I don’t mind asking for the coupon code that I will use upon purchasing their products after they send as a gift and even sharing it to you. I like to shop makeup and it’s not hurting me to share the coupon code or private offer. We all need it! If you guys think that sending a gift is equal to earning. It’s not. I need to pay domain, hosting fees, custom email, and even site security + additional other subscription.

It’s costly and product replacement or gift is just things that I probably use or will just give it to my friends or family. Not all product can be used. It’s not earning, it just product replacement for me to done something. It cost less than my actual spending which I totally don’t mind because writing is my forte.

I write in the community’s pages before I decide to just write my own blog. It’s my hobby, so I never complain to spend for all of what I just mentioned. It’s totally fine and I having fun blogging about things that I really wanna share.

“Nah! Never in the first place wanted free gift. I can buy my own, which I often do. Most of the products you see on this site is from my own pocket”

As you can see above image that brands like to ask so many things for exposure on the internet but give so little. Putting reference and make 500 words while giving me a total of 2 lashes worth $20.00+? You are insulting my readers, for real! You are insulting me as well.

You not giving my readers anything when they click, none of them will know about your products by having only 2 lashes and setting all the click for them to buy your product. That’s insult. It’s a clickbait, you want to draw all my readers into your brands.

You think they are stupid and I am stupid bimbo. Omg!

But…. Am I gonna get the bait?

Nope, because I feel being cheated. They claimed that the product is being used by a million followers of international influencer.

WTF! Should I even care? You treat me like your bitch.

Nope, sorry and bye! I never have an encounter with such a cheapo and demanded brands. They reply so very slow, acting like I need them, lusting over their stuff. Well… I reject them. How’s that even feel?! I think brands need to know that the blogger or creator can reject your deals, it is not attractive enough for us. Besides we give you background on the internet. You can use our content on your site and social media.

“I really feel so sorry to my readers that get drawn by this typical marketing”

If you say that I do affiliate marketing and it’s all the same. Of course it is not. Affiliate marketing you get the product review and everything you need to know before you buy it. Also you get discount code.

This type of marketing, you get to see 2 lashes only and no discount code at all. No exposure to the brands itself, because they don’t want review but every good words. You also don’t get to see which lashes it’s good.

“On and on, I can only say the deal is not good for me. Not benefiting me entirely and I feel they want me to be their bitch. Having their link added into my article it’s similar to giving them entire exposure forever, as long as my blog exist. One side benefit, while the other just be the slave”

The other one asking for brand ambassador without giving any products, this is worst. Brand ambassador is a sales person on social media. They have responded to share whatever it is to their page. The good things are you get to enjoy the brand’s product every month and even get the commission. It’s like you got the chance to work your own but having no big responsibility to send the product or manage the order. All you have to do is share it on your social media. It’s similar to affiliate link but brand ambassador get the commission via coupon code but some ambassador doesn’t get coupon code but receive product and they can share it in any median that they have. This is a contract based relationship. As an ambassador, you will always get to enjoy their product. Most brands that know how to do things with brands will use this method for their marketing and they recruit small influencer for this because it’s working pretty good to bring sales than using big influencers.

Back to the copyright issues

I read about Olapic in BritBeautyBlog last time, like I often say I always read another blogger weblog to gain some information about what happened on blogging industry.

To simply put it, Olapic takes creator content while they put small tags on the content that not-so visible in the eyes. This is the reason why I reject it and if you see the terms and condition is just me handling my content without a fuss to Becca, and I cannot claim back my own content.

That is robbery

Not only Becca who asked me, DHC as well but they later remove the comment and I got no chances to screen shot it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the new case: (source: stopittheft)

And Norvina are so busy with her new palette. As you can see in this article, I am someone who against copyright issues. it’s a matter for me as a content creator. I also found out that some of my articles are being stolen and claimed as other writer articles. Pissed me off, and I did pay a huge price for security just for that. If you are a content creator, try to disable right mouse click by putting on HTML, you can find it on Google search.

Well, I guess that’s all for the revelation of nasty brands attitude. Tell me what you think? Should or should the creator just give their content away? Or should they fight for what’s right for them?

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