Losing ideas for new content

Losing ideas for new content

Did I really lose any ideas for making a new content? Nah..Of course, I have content.

I just have so much to talk about and I don’t have time to write it up. I still have to keep up with work that I get.

My life
My career
My family

When I first doing this things, I don’t even have time for anything and thankfully I finished my 2nd degree at that time.

I graduate with JD paper back in my country and going to singapore I pursue another degree in business with law. I got second honors for that. I am so happy because it’s all my hard work. I feel appreciated

No, I am not stupid. People probably think that blogger is not someone who get bachelor or they just some useless people who like fame and free things.

Not all of them, for sure. But, I cannot disagree with all those stuff that people say about blogger or content creator since I know few of them done so just for the sake of good money.

That’s why people are doing blogging and close their blog, move to Instagram.

Well.. I probably start differently. Everything happened when I just tag brands on instagram. I don’t have any follower but friends and family. After that Sephora Singapore approach me for collab of their rouge matte lipstick that I don’t like but happy to get it. Well of course I didn’t get any free gift tight after I said the product is bad. I think they didn’t sell the product already.

I don’t like and I feel pressurized to just say good things about it. The second collab is with Skinlab which I also reject after I thought much about our discussion. I cannot just camouflage and be someone else for the sake of money.

It’s similar to faking it for money and I don’t like the thought of doing it. I know that few bloggers taking the deal and I don’t know how their deal is.

I just don’t enjoy it. I don’t enjoy doing something that I know I will never enjoy it.

I don’t like to go to product launching, actually. I put invitations as my blog subscriber to go to those event, because I don’t. The brands is ok since I will always share about it on my social media.

The reason is…

Because people are judging from head to toe. Everytime I go to those event. They started to see me, upside down. Like I am underserving to just be there. Standing there. Because I am not pretty enough, skinny enough, popular enough.

I was really feel like I don’t belong and I don’t enjoy it. It is better to just stay at home and write stuff for you guys, like I do right now while writing this.

It’s fun things to do and I enjoy it so much. I am so happy just to see the analytics of you coming to my blog. If it’s not because of that, I won’t be able to just keep continuing writing this blog up till now and it’s almost my 3rd years.

I hope that you guys who keep coming back to my blog will start to communicate and ask anything that you wanna know about blogging and other stuff that I do.

I am always up to get some feedback from you guys like perhaps you guys want me to change my editorial or photography or anything.

I was thinking to start making vlog but.. My laptop is dead and I don’t have a good camera or even the light to do it. It’s costly and running this blog is also costly, but I hope that I can earn few buck and save from that to buy the equipment because some of you already ask me to just do makeup tutorial and skincare sequence as well.

I feel that I need to show you that and it seems going to be useful for you too.

I hope that you can understand the situation that I having right now. I haven’t get any job yet, and I try to find one, hopefully I will find one. I was so thankful you guys supporting me in so many ways. I feel so appreciated. It feel so meaningful because at this moment, I really need that. I never feel myself as being useful toward my parent and even my sister too.

I feel inferior somehow when I see how good other blogger content and even compare it with my own. I realize that I have to work and improve myself. I will be willing to get some feedback from you guys, if you have any.

Please feel free to send me anything.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please keep supporting me. See you on my next post.


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