Favorite TV Drama Legend of Fu Yao

Favorite TV Drama Legend of Fu Yao

Hello TV drama junkies, this is my first article about entertainment. I feel that it is time to share other things besides beauty with you all. My current favorite of Chinese historical TV drama right now is Fu Yao 扶摇. I love watching this series right now and feel that I wanted to share with you since the female lead is really strong. The tv series is based on novel made by Tianxia Guiyuanw with the title ‘Empress Fu Yao’.

I like the main character on a tv series which is Yang Min, I watch her tv series before when she act together with Ruby Lin. I always love Chinese historical tv series from when I was a kid and daydreaming if I really being pulled out to the ancient times. That would be awesome, hahaha..

I bet you all who have a fetish for historical drama must be dreaming about it. I love the stories where Fu Yao finally fell in love with the prince and she realizes she just can’t live without him. The graphic is mesmerizing. The story also contains magic, romance, and the plot that I can’t even guess.

Total series is 66 episodes. To be honest, I really hope that the main character is a couple in real life, but Yang Min already married Hong Kong actor which act in Kinder Spirit tv series.

I have provided the link for you to watch and read the novel.

Legend of Fu Yao: Novel versus TV drama

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The story takes place in the universe of five kingdoms that is led by the Imperial City of Tianquan. Fuyao was formed from a lotus borne by the Ancient firmament. Adopted as an orphan, she served as a slave for the Xuanyuan sect from the Taiyuan Kingdom. A series of tragedies resulted in a journey across the land to gather the magical artifacts that could lift the curse that blighted her life. Along the way, she met the Crown Prince of Tianquan who was under secret missions to quell the unrest in the Five Kingdoms. The pair fell in love as they battled the complicated politics and power play between the different forces. With the help of her loyal companions, she sets out to unravel the heinous plot of the ancient firmament. She would discover her real identity of being the “Lotus princess”. Fuyao would ultimately succeed in destroying the evils forces and bringing peace to the land of the Five Kingdoms.


The tv series receive 9.1 out of 10 for ratings.


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