HADA LABO Facial Essence review

HADA LABO Facial Essence review

Hi Skincare junkies, I’m so excited to share with you about skincare products that I have been using it for a long time and finished almost 2 bottles and planned to continue using it. This is facial essences from Hada Labo, and I purchased it on Singapore Drugstore. The essence on this article as below:

  • Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

  • Hada Labo Alpha Gokuyjun 

  • Hada Labo Primer Essence

I listed from low to high level of moisturizer and hydration. For some of you who may not know this brand yet, this is a drugstore brand from Japan. I was digging their product for almost 2 months, to use for my own personal use and for this article, since I have been really attracted to drugstore products lately. I done research towards their ingredients, some products I feel is underrated such as this facial essences, I believe that many of you probably don’t have the ideas that drugstore skincare products can be as good or even better than high-end brands.

Facial essences contain ingredients that are pro skin benefit. no alcohol nor fragrances contained inside, therefore I purchased it and test the facial essences in accordance to what my skin needs. Let’s go through one by one:


The hydrating lotion contains a low level of moisturizer that could work for those who have normal, combination and oily skin. The lotion is a clear, watery form and contains lots of hyaluronic acids. Upon using this product, my skin doesn’t suffer from any kind of breakout or any particular problem at all. This facial essence alone can’t help dry skin like mine in supplying hydration or even moisturizer. Therefore I need to add more layer of essence and face cream.

How to use it:

Use it after face wash and before the face cream


Please see on the image below. Kindly note that ingredients may be different on different countries.


This facial essence is milky form, which comes in a perfect balance of moisturizer, for those who having combination skin, you may want to take a look at this facial essence if hydration lotion (above) not enough to supply you with moisturizer in the dry area of your skin. If you notice the ingredients listed below which contain more collagen and soothing ingredients. I use sheet mask fro Gokuyjun Alpha about 5 boxes already and it is working perfectly with my skin and I guess itis my HG sheet mask. I never purchased any other sheet mask up till now, after using it.

Hada Labo Alpha Gokujun Sheet Mask
How to use:

Use after facial wash, you can be added this essence for more layer of moisturizer. I wrote last time in Skincare 12 layer challenge

that adding a layer from facial essence is like creating a layer of protection for skin, it works to provide skin with moisturizer before using face cream, which is important because our skin absorbs water form of skincare quicker than cream type. Besides our skin contains water that contributes to dehydration that led to dry skin and skin breakout.


Please see on the image below. Kindly note that ingredients may be different on different countries.


The facial essence that contains lots of moisturizers. I use this and added gokuyjun lotion for the second layer before face cream. This facial essence is perfect for those who have dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. I try the gel sheet mask for this series but it seems like they need to produce a nicer gel because the lips part is too wider and the gel mask itself is slippery, but the essence is really good for skin. The gel mask is pricey than sheet mask, I will advise you to buy Alpha sheet mask than the gel sheet mask because the essence is similar and the sheet mask is better in design than the gel mask. The price is 1 box sheet mask for 1 gel mask. it’s very pricey. I don’t suffer from skin purging, skin breaks out or makeup pilling using this facial essence. This one is my HG

Up till now, you probably realize that this article is a positive review. I could say that because this product is really good and I still use it, I wrote this article to share with you who want to find a good facial essence that doesn’t cost much. This facial essence costs less than SGD 25.00 and for a bottle, I could use about 1.5 months with a usage of 2 times a days. I feel that the price and quality are matches, or I could conclude that the price is cheaper compared to the quality which is better. I think this facial essence is quite underrated in Singapore since the brands didn’t use influencers much to advert the product. why would a brand use influencer if the product is way too good?

I don’t rate products because choosing facial essence is actually depending on the level of moisturizer that our skin needs, so it will be very bias for me to even give ratings to it, but do try to take a look this product on drugstore.


Please see on the image above. Kindly note that ingredients may be different on different countries

I guess that all from now.

Have you tried any of HADA LABO skincare products? Please share below comment! Thank you for clicking.

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