Hi makeup lover, hope you are having so much fun during the weekend. Today I will be going to share with you another drugstore brands. You can find this brand in Watson and Redmart.

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I try out all the product on the image above for my weekend makeup look, let’s start with the impression:

1. BB Creamy Rouge Glow (01-Natural)

Shade is handpicked by the brand and it matches with my own shade. Its make me happy to work with the brands that understand my ‘vibes’ and picked me because of my content. I try the BB cream with water base primer and silicone base. The BB cream work with silicone base and not water base. Water base makes the bb cream pilling up during the midday after several hours in my face. I use Cezanne makeup primer. Picture below:

It does work fine. I use it around 6 hours from morning till midday. The BB cream provides sheer to medium coverage and it doesn’t make my skin break out or any other skin problem. It works just fine and I kinda love it.


2. Bell Thickening Mascara

If you want dupes for Eyeko Rock out and Lash out then this mascara will be. No clumping at all and extra black, but doesn’t really curl my lashes, only make it appear longer than normal length.


3. Bell Nude Eyeshadow 04

The eyeshadow is not pigmented as other eyeshadow that I use but this one is for Asian looks. If you like to use single eyeshadow without making it appear extra or too much then this one can work well. I like it because I don’t really want to build color if I were about to go out during daylight and this palette makes my eyes bigger and provide shadow for deep eyelids. I use all the color in one go but in a different side of eyes. It’s not powdery and I’m about to bring this palette for my next travel trip.

4. Bell Brow set 2

I like the brow palette. This is the best. I didn’t use the brush that the palette provides but using mine because I like longer stick applicator. I love the fact that this brow provide my brow natural color and it doesn’t look like I use any kind of brow makeup. Well.. my friends say it “you didn’t use your brow makeup today?” That’s a compliment.


5. Bell Tint Eyeliner pencil

The eyeliner cannot be used to draw cat wing liner but one single line. If you see Asian makeup, the model didn’t draw cat eyeliner too much but a single line. This is perfect to be used, because the pen is made for that look.


6. Bell Illuminating Stick 01 (Blush on)

My favorite blush on. Among all the product that they sent, I fall in love with this one. It’s perfect. It does make my cheek appear like I’m blushing and the color is radiant. It’s dewy finishing.


7. Bell Creamy Rouge Glows 01 (Highlighter)

The stick highlighter with stick blush on is a perfect combination. The color is soft and the finishing is dewy – metallic. It’s similar to Becca but this one in a stick. Easy to blend around my cheek. I love this one too!


8. Bell Contour stick 01

The very first contour stick that works perfectly for my makeup look. I like the stick makeup from Bell Cosmetics. The contour is soft and it doesn’t or will not make your contour looking harsh because it is so easy to blend using your beauty sponge. All of these 3 from blush on, highlighter and contour stick – I love it! It’s really a good product to try on.


9. Bell Creamy Lipstick 06 (Satin)

If you want a red lipstick that is not so red. You can try to apply and spread evenly by tapping using your finger. You need to watch Pony Makeup for this. I use it in one single swipe. It’s very pigmented and when I do swatches for this lipstick even my makeup remover can’t remove entirely.

I love this lippie because the color is really red, vibrant, pigmented and it doesn’t dry my lips.

10. Bell Powder Lipstick (Matte)

I don’t really like this product. The color is not pigmented and it’s hard to make the color come out in my lips. I think it best to mixed it with other lip makeup.

This is my makeup look when I use all BELL COSMETICS product. That I mentioned above. I use the red lipstick.

You can find the brands on:

  • RedMart Singapore
  • Watson Singapore

Have you tried Bell Cosmetics yet? Spill your tea!


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