• The Truth about Brands Selling and Sponsorship

    The Truth about Brands Selling and Sponsorship

    It’s influencer world. These days people open their Instagram first before whatsapp or email app.

    I bet you noticed it too. If you are someone who buy something because your favorite influencer are using the product then please keep reading this article.

    There are several brands that did marketing fairly and use the right method of marketing in Singapore.

    While small business wants to increase sales by using influencers. Small influencer that still growing doesn’t know anything yet and blindly walking into the industry, Some small nasty business taking advantage and using them to do certain things, such as asking them to purchase the product and saying will give the money back to them if they did the exposure or they have success selling something for their brands.

    If you are a brand and receiving this type of email:

    “I will do exposure to you but first pay me back the amount of money that I spent on this product with fee of total xx amount”

    and you roll your eyes, thinking the influencer is insane. The influencer is not 100% insane but because they often are so used to facing this type of unfair conduct from brands/business that asking them to do something insane like that, so they thought that this is how influencing procedure is.

    I gonna tell you my experience with small business that did unfair things for influencer and their buyer, IMO. It begin when the brands asking me to purchase on Shopee SG app, I bet all of those whose in South East Asia know about this. The apps are similar to Etsy. I will skip explaining the different and moving on with the main topic of this blog.

    The brands asked me and other influencers in which the person whom sent the email attached everyone into one email and sent to all of us (it does make me feel like unappreciated as someone who will write the review, try the product, which I probably don’t know if that gonna be harmful to my skin, and taking pictures – in any words, spending my time for it). The email contain a coupon code that can be use during check out in Shopee. They insisted that we all have to do ‘purchase’ through Shopee site.

    Reason of their insistence is because Shopee provide total buyer for us to see and it visible. It will give impression that the store is famous and well-know or profitable so we don’t wary if the product is bad because lots of people purchase it.

    It’s not a weird thing when brands open a shop in Shopee. Drug store brands did that too. It’s common thing to reach more sales. Everything is about sales.. sales and sales..

    I don’t know about how other influencer feeling but I feel a bit sour and unprofessional sending email to all of us in one go, when you are not supposed to expose anyone who get the sponsorship. Well anyway, low budget business hiring low resource people its common things happened these days.

    The coupon didn’t work and they asked me to purchase about $1.50 begging me to do it. I did said to “send the product in my door” which they feel reluctant to do so because of Shopee calculation of buyer. They want to achieve two things:

    1. Exposure on social media

    2. Look legitimate by having lots of buyer on Shopee

    But, giving the influencers only 1 product. Not that I wanted to reveal the business but I notice the amount of people on email and total buyer in app are same amount. This is just my guess but since I get the coupon to be use on the Shopee site. I think what I assume may be right. They wanted to look like a legitimate business, gain trust from potential new buyer by having product popularity that circulated across Instagram and free social media marketing by sending influencer free product, influencer are also acting as buyer, because they purchase directly from Shopee app.

    I did the article already, twice as they promise if they are ‘satisfied’, they will give me one more product and I was thinking back then “Whether you satisfied or not, It’s not my problem”. The person in contact with me is such a pushy. Keep asking if I received the product and already did the article when they even NOT PAYING for blog article at all. Before agreeing to review, I told them “If I like the product I will review, if I don’t like I won’t be reviewing” They agree with the condition that I imply.

    They sent the product over to my door step. Just the product. Nothing about how to use it, ingredients and description to follow. Which later I did research and they committed to their promise of giving me a freedom to review the product

    For sure, if I review so bad. They won’t use it and behind my back probably cursing me already.

    The product is well done but the business practices which camouflaging people into thinking that the product is so good because of total amount of buyer on Shopee app. When in reality the brands give the coupon code to purchase on Shopee app that also calculated as total buyer on the app. This doesn’t feel right for me.

    I have no ideas if this is acceptable in front of influencer and buyer view but for me personally as a buyer, if I know about it, I won’t purchase it.

    First is because they use influencer to review and include them as total buyer on Shopee app (influencer acting as a buyer)

    Second, I have no ideas if the product is really that good because in the first place the buyer is not really a buyer that likes their product.

    Is the business conduct acceptable? Let me know what you think!


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