The Clash of Vitamin C

The Clash of Vitamin C

Hi Loveliest, before we begin the clash. Let me tell you what this article about:

This article is about The Clash of all Vitamin C whether it’s sponsored or not, that you may already read on this blog”

Let’s begin the clash:

1. Drunk Elephant C firma

The price of this C serum is not to be questioned. It’s so expensive and the quality similar to that other Vitamin C on this article. The brand keep saying about healthy ingredients bla.. bla.. as part of their marketing strategy, I believe that to set the price higher than standard price. The C serum doesn’t feel as acids as I want it to be. This is a good C serum but still expensive, IMO. How does the Vitamin C look like? a little bit thick compare to other C serum and it does oxides pretty quick.

Reason DE put it this bottle type of applicator, the C serum can sustain longer, not oxides quickly and the Ph will remain stagnant. No changes occur even after you start to use. You notice that you didn’t open any cap and the C serum do not expose to the outside environment, which is big different if you use droplet applicator that will expose all the serum to outside environment. The C firma comes in L-Ascorbic Acid 15%. Which you will not find in other product that I will mention on this post.


The best and most valuable Vitamin C that I ever try after DE. This one slightly cheaper and provide more benefits. The serum are really liquid and doesn’t oxides quickly like DE does. The applicator is droplet. The light orange indicate fresh acids, it start to oxides when the color turn to dark orange. You need to store the serum at the refrigerator for prolong use once you opened the applicator and use it. This is comes in C (ascorbic Acid) 15% + E and Ferulic Acid

3. SKIN O2 Australia Potent C serum

Is the first C serum in gel form that I ever try. Most article say that C serum in gel form is the healthier choice of ascorbic acid. Thinking about this statement that kn fact is true. Gel form C serum are better than liquid. It’s better in many ways and for our skin to absorb the real and lots of benefit from ascorbic acid itself. However, to maintain the Ph balance in gel form is not that easy yet SKIN O2 Australia do it.

4. Timelesssha Skincare C serum

is 20% Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) + E and Ferulic Acid. The percentage for ascorbic acid is higher than Paula Choice and everything inside the Timelesssha C serum same with C15 Resist Booster from Paula Choices but with cheaper price for SGD 30.00.

Timeless has been rumoured as dupe for Skinceutical for farway too long up till now and the only things differentiate these two product is alcohol are contain in Timeless which make the serum dry quickly.

I asked my friend who has been using Skinceutical for so long to try Timelesssha C serum and she doesn’t have any complain except for few ingredients that she find it’s not so irresistible and she still pick Skinceutical

Among this many. I still choose Timelesssha C serum among others


As you may have to know that the bottle of the Vitamin C may come in similar size but DE has provide with more than just a bottle and the size is double than other vitamin C on this article, which is 15 ml versus 30 ml and only Timelessha Vitamin C serum is 30 ml but using droplet applicator. This makes me also wondering both brands effectiveness. Vitamin C serum cannot be in the big volume container, due to the fact that the serum will often be exposed to the outside environment and will oxides therefore user are advice to maintain it inside the refrigerator if, the volume is up to 15 ml, but for DE C firma, because the container is all closed, there is slim chances that the C serum will oxides, but user still need to keep an eyes if the color of C serum changes into darker color.


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