Dear Loveliest, I wanted to share to you today all about my new skincare routine. Recently I received several product from Look Fantastic Singapore that play the roles in changing my overall skincare experience.

    I have good products that I need right now therefore it makes me reduce several product that up till now just give standardised benefit that almost none after several time of usage. This probably has happened because my skin are immune to the product or I just happened to realize. Either way the reason are valid for my excuse to try on the new product.

    I will attached the product for your convenient to look at the bottom of the page. Now I wanted to talk about

    Skincare formula for dry skin – AM (Morning)

    I made a formula for you to trace on or save.

    If you see above formula already, then I will try to explain about it below.


    Or, I called it cleansing. I use 3 type of cleansing water, oil and balm cleansing.

    Oil cleanser I try HADA LABO and DHC, I like HADA LABO more and using it up till now.

    Water cleanser, I love FIRST AID BEAUTY because it doesn’t dry my skin but cleanse throughly.

    Balm cleansing are from OMOROVICZA BUDAPEST Cleansing Balm that I recently received from LOOK FANTASTIC SINGAPORE. I like the product because it does exfoliate my skin and also moist my skin.

    How I use it?

    If I don’t use makeup then I will use Cleansing oil and Cleansing balm.

    If I use makeup I will use Cleansing oil and Water base Cleansing.

    Do note that I will use cleansing balm every 1 to twice a week for better exfoliation and I did still use PIXI BEAUTY Glow tonic (Glycolic Acid) every night


    In this case is either INDIE LEE COQ10 toner or PIXI ROSE tonic with GLOW TONIC.

    How did I use?

    If I use COQ10 toner, I don’t use both PIXI BEAUTY Toner which is Glow tonic and Rose tonic, because COQ10 toner already give hydration and moisturiser, the product cannot be use with Glycolic acid. So either I use the toner without any Acid or not with Acid.

    Reason why? It’s because the two ingredients cannot be use together, they will fight against each other and will gonna leave trail that is unfavorable for my skin.

    You can try to use COQ10 in the morning and Glycolic acid at night time.

    Conclusion: if you use COQ10 toner. Please don’t use with any acid.


    it’s important to use facial mist. Whatever skin types you have, spraying facial mist give immediate hydration and absorbing benefit from the next skincare product that you gonna use.For this, I use EMMA HARDIE PLUMP & GLOW facial mist that have immediate effect into my skin. It plump and ‘wake’ my skin. The next product I use are simply absorb quickly. There is a change that I can feel when using facial mist.The facial mist can also be use after all skincare sequence and makeup application so it last long. You can also bring it for traveling in case your skin feel dehydrated.


    It’s work to protect skin by adding layer to skin. It’s not only hydrate but moisturiser. Some essence can work to brighten up your skin (even the packaging doesn’t state brightening) and plump it as well.

    For this, I use HADA LABO premium essence, Cosrx Snail Essence 96 and Clinique Even Better Essence, followed by Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Moisture lotion.

    You can try to use Moisturizer serum after all the toning if you feel your skin need more moisturiser.

    Essence can also be found in sheet mask. You can use all your skincare before essence and then apply sheet mask. This work well. I often use 2 different sheet mask whenever I travel. My skin are really having dehydration and breakout due to dryness.

    Sheet mask is the instant way to get more essence supply for your skin. So, if you feel your skin are drying or peeling, use sheet mask. You are also advices to use sheetmask after charcoal mask that will makes your skin even dry.


    There is 2 types of face cream: Hydration and Moisturizing.

    Hydration are often comes in gel form and less in cream type. While the gel form work better in oily skin, it doesn’t give enough supply to hydrate dry skin.

    Moisturizing is a face cream that comes in creamy rich texture form, it give immediate smooth feeling but doesn’t clench the thirst of skin that is dehydrated, because it work for moisten skin.

    People are often mistaken that both are just the same. So they use moisturising when their skin are dehydrated and then questioning the product that not solving their skin problem. They throw a good product and change to expensive product.

    If you see a woman skin that have sagging skin before they reach certain ages because they often use wrong product to solve what their skin really needs.

    If you are someone who use makeup with high coverage foundation almost everyday. It is advisable to use both type of face cream, because high coverage foundation absorb skin water and when you wash using water base cleanser, it will remove all the natural oil in face. This could cause skin wrinkles due to dryness.

    If you wearing makeup heavily, you need to really take care of your skin. You must know when to do peeling/charcoal mask, use sheet mask and exfoliation. You will need to use C serum and Retinol (Vit A)


    This is what REAL skincare is

    Essence + Face Cream + Occlusive = Moisturiser

    Face cream alone is not moisturizer. It must be added with occlusive and this you can find in Cetaphil face and body cream or Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Oil Balm.

    The Dr. Jart+ Oil Balm contained alcohol that will give quick dry when you apply. For those who have dry skin, this may not be a good choice for your skin but Cetaphil because it doesn’t give any moisturizing for dry skin.

    However, if you are in rush for morning routine. Dr. Jart+ may work better for you to save more time for the immediate absorption.


    There has been a real conflict of understanding of SPF. There is 2 type of SPF. SPF alone and SPF with PA+++.

    SPF alone can only protect outer layer of skin. SPF PA+++ can protect skin from UVA and UVB. Dark spot prevention and aging skin.

    SPF is need led to fight again radical skin that cause skin aging before their ages. There has been several cases where people do not apply SPF and suffer from skin aging. Sunscreen can also cause skin cancer.

    If you ever notice that your skin is hurt due to the sun that the work of UVA, because it penetrate into tour deepest layer of skin. While UVB are working to damage your outer layer skin.

    If you often doing activities outdoor, you need to use SPF PA+++ and reapply. For face cream the SPF will be up to 30 and for body lotion is up to SPF 30. There is no SPF 80. SPF 30 and 50 are working same.

    SPF 15 – 15 minutes activation. Need to reapply after 15 minutes

    SPF 30 – 30 minutes activation. Reapplication need after half hours

    SPF 50 – 45 minutes activation. Reapplication need after 45 minutes.

    If you are someone who do activate indoor and less outdoor. You need to use SPF, with or without PA+++

    Because the sun could still enter via window in the building where you do most of your activities. Air conditioner is also not doing any good for your skin but making it more dry, using lots of hydrating and moisturising product is necessary.

    Do pay attention not only face but your body as well. Especially legs, feet and bare hands because the skin around the areas dry quicker since the skin mostly stiff and rough. We often neglect to apply more moisturiser around the area.

    FACE OILS (Dry)

    If you wear makeup waiting face oils to absorb may take more time and you gotta wake up early in the morning. Its alright to skip it in the morning but if you ever feel your skin is dry, you need to reapply face oils because face oils is the first problem solver when it comes to dry skin problem. I will say that all dry skin need to use face oils.

    Apply this morning and night for better penetration of your dry skin need. Face oils are artificial oil that can work to replace your natural oils, because dry skin are slow in producing oils.

    This is all for dry skincare routine. If you have any questions regarding the product choices. You are welcome to ask on comment below! Hope the information useful for your need.

    Buy The Product

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