First Impression: Omorovicza Budapest Hydra Lifting Cream

First Impression: Omorovicza Budapest Hydra Lifting Cream

Hey loveliest, today I wanna share with you a lifting cream from OMOROVICZA BUDAPEST INTENSIVE HYDRALIFTING CREAM

I have been using the product for about a month and seen the changes in my skin. As I reach 29 years old, I wanted to prepare my skin with new product that I will add on my skincare routine.

I planned to add more firming and lifting cream alongside with anti-ageing cream as well. I will still use Retinol (vitamin A) to prevent dead skin cell and wrinkles in appearing.

The OMOROVICZA BUDAPEST INTENSIVE HYDRALIFTING CREAM has been a great product for my skin, I also use it with AVANT SKINCARE R.N.A FIRMING SERUM alongside with my other skincare product.

Product Outlook

The jar are made of heavy glass that couldn’t break easily. There is no spatula given for this size. The size is small and suitable for travel. To use the product, you need to rotate the cap and release it. The cream are white with rich creamy texture.


As the cream touch my skin, I try to massage it upward to make my skin in my face firm and to create v shape face. It does work but within the time.

I feel my skin reap the product benefit each time I applied it. I use it about a month and see the different after 10 days. The creamy texture doesn’t cause any problem such as skin breakout, makeup pilling or even clogging my pores.

OMOROVICZA is a great brands/product choices for women age 29 and above. The variation of the product that the brands serves is rich with vitamin that people around my age (29 years old) needs.

“As we grow older, we need to pay attention to what changes around our skin and what product that we need. I am not someone who believes that drinking collagen syrup could tighten my skin and reduce wrinkles but food and the right skincare.”

Have you tried Omorovicza Intensive Hydralifting Cream yet? Spill your tea!

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