First Impression: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

First Impression: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Hi loveliest, gonna share with you the brand that you often see while visiting Sephora.

Some of you probably know about the powerful drying lotion from Mario Badescu and also know that this is he best brands for acnaic skin. Yep! They are.

The drying lotion remind me of La Tulip brand from Indonesia. The smell of it, if you are Indonesian or visiting Indonesia. You can try to see the products at the supermarket or nearby shop.

I have been using this quite several time. I will going to say the price and quality are worth it. If you have problem with acne which most of us do and some of doesn’t have any problem with acnes at all.

You going to need to have this product in your skincare collection. Reason why? Because it’s working. You can just dab in the cotton bud and use it in area that affected with acnes. The next morning, the acnes/pimples will dry off without causing any problem such as post acne scar that we all hate or even irritation. The effectiveness of the lotion can be see visible by overnight, with just one drop

Please don’t shake because the pink sediment is what you are going to use in your skin. Left the alcohol be without mixing them altogether. The lotion contain salicylic acid and calamine eliminate bacteria and reduce irritation.


Size: 29 ml

Price: $36.00

Where to buy in Singapore? Sephora Singapore.

The price above is based on mentioned retail on this article

The pink sediment as shown above in the cotton bud

Have you try Mario Badescu drying lotion? Spill your tea!


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