Editorial Changes (please read)

Editorial Changes (please read)

I think the decision will have significantly impact my viewers. At this point in my blogging life, I feel the need to make more informative post such as tips and comparison. I will be less writing about review article because I feel that review post based on personal experiences.

It does vary with people skin condition and reaction or how they applied the product. I think it’s really personal but I will still write about review article for the product that I feel I want to write about it because it is either good or worst.

Most of the product that I have tested is either really standardized or does nothing at all. In this time of my skincare routine, I have already chosen the product that best work to my skin and I feel I will have the less needed to try new product.

I have been doing review for almost 2 years and I realize that people keep coming back on this blog expecting there will be review of the product that they wanted to buy. Some are agree with me because they have same experience and some criticizing me because I deliver bad review of their favorite product.

Beauty industry has really changes from the last 10 years ago. It makes people lust over free product, makes people share their opinion of a bad product and thus let people argue with each other because they have different opinion. To be honest, the industry is full of negative people that I do really want to talk about this. Not all people have the budget to pay influencer/blogger and some of them throwing free product and asking way too much of things such as hosting giveaway for their brand, making a blog article,  and posting on Instagram for brand exposure. I could feel my fatty stomach jiggling every time I read their emails.

For more, I would say that I am now in my ‘enough’ point, if you see a graph I’m probably in ‘overhead’ position but that’s not the only case because, I’m planning to share more article such as place to go eat, cheap coffee shop in country I visit or what I found out about beauty or even the app and filter that I use for my selfie and landscape photography.

This is why I change the category into Beauty, Personal, Lifestyle and Travel soon after I have published the article about it. The reason I made this changes is because:

1. I feel the need to withdraw for all social media and blogging thingy. It wasn’t healthy things to always see my social media or blog every time. Even Sunday or public holiday, I have to keep posting and make a content

2. I have ‘life’ to run and there is so many things I want and need to do. Such as spending time with my parent and they already in the mid century, my sister and brother because they live in different country and spending time with my own self – going solo travel or shopping alone and sightseeing is what I love the most.

If I were about to run this blog as review, I have to keep constantly update the product or services that I use, like how I update it last time – every weekend for 5 article.

3. I am a human being and on this point I may feel ‘enough’ of it. I need a rest and I want to pursue my visual graphic passion right now.

4. Pretty sure I want to also share other things that happening in life for you as tips. Like I said above “Finding a cheap coffee shop in Singapore” or perhaps things I encounter as experience.

As much as you probably think that this is my full time job, this indeed full time job since I still looking for a career that I have been longing to pursue. If I were about running my blog as full time and chasing my career, I won’t have any time for my own self and family. This is what has been happening to me lately. The blog and social media has given me reputation on internet and I am thankful for that.

There has been a bad and good experience. Since most industry will always have professional or unprofessional people all over it (why they even get the job in the first place, its my real question. The company should hire professional people who can take up everything professional)

Blogging has been a fun things to me but doing it every so often, feel like a job to me and less of my hobby. If people say

“Turn your passion into money”

“Work with your hobby”

Till one day they sure know about what they say, they know nothing. Blogging is my passion, constantly drawing myself into making it as full time job and feel the pressure of it. It is not what I want to do.

I love you guys and thank you for supporting me up till now. Thank you for subscribing to my blog feed and even following me on Instagram (I gonna update review on this platform as well). If you use twitter, you can say ‘Hi’ to me on the platform as well.

If you use Pinterest or Stumble Upon, I am always updating my blog article on the site too. This in case, if you feel subscribing will get you bunch of spammy email that you don’t want to receive and probably annoyed you.

Thank you for anyone who create social media. It’s really a simplistic format to share anything online instantly without any fuss. I have been feeling tremendous benefit of social media and sharing what Information that I receive online.

Hope you guys enjoy this long weekend.


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