Blink it: BECCA Vanilla Quarts limited Edition Highlighter

Blink it: BECCA Vanilla Quarts limited Edition Highlighter

Omg! I just can’t get enough with Becca highlighter collection and this time is limited edition. I am so addicted to collect all of them limited edition highlighter and since I live in Singapore, I able to just purchase it through Beautylish and have them delivered to my door step because waiting for Sephora Singapore to provide me is just too long to wait.

I kinda don’t have the ‘feel’ anymore with Sephora Singapore because the goods are so slow to arrive and its freaking expensive compare to purchasing them through Beautylish. I feel that Sephora Singapore has always been over rated in price, and service.

I kinda beg Mecca to open their store here. Just please, even Ulta Beauty too. There is lots of shop that better than Sephora and provide with more brands range. Anyways, HudaBeauty gonna open in Sephora Singapore too. So, let’s see if the pricing gonna be over rated again.

Product Outlook and Swatches

Just staring at all my highlighter that I recently owned, is my happiness 心福. What about you?

Have you tried Becca Vanilla Quartz Limited Edition Highlighter yet? Spill your tea!


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