Revlon Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipcolor swatches and review

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipcolor swatches and review
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It is a lightweight, high definition velvety metallic matte color. confused?

Revlon Ultra HD has metallic finishing with matte outlook but velvety feeling. This is the first liquid lipstick that has 3 in 1 finishing, with 8 available shades to buy, I choose the purple color. When I use on my lips it does give me a soft purple that I love. With a little bit silver glistening finishing. This is the best liquid lipstick in the drug store that quite costly yet worth it to buy, If you want to try something new.

I was thinking to purchase 7 other shades, just because this really looks nice on my lips. I kinda like to collect shades when it comes to a good makeup. Then using that only product and swipe between the color/shades.

After sometimes hanging around Watson and Guardian in Singapore every weekend. I find that drug store lip makeup work best for me than high-end brand, right now. Only a few high-end brands that really work better than drugstore but mostly similar. My comparison is “why would I purchase more with similar quality when I purchase less?” – this kind of mindset does not work out well for those who dislike drugstore brand but high-end brands.

I am not someone who lust over high-end brands and showing off. I don’t feel in anyway will be shameful using a cheap product that has a perfect quality.








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