Lancome Shine Lover Swatches and Review

Hi lipstick junkies, if you have been following my review in the latest week. You know that I reviewing lip makeup and I often mentioned that

“Not all high-end brand deliver good quality, some drugstore makeup even better in performance and quality than high-end brands”

“I won’t waste more money to buy the high-end lipstick that performs less than drugstore brands”

“There is no shame in using a drugstore brand than perform more than high-end brand”

Lancome Shine Lover is the one lipstick that I regret to buy. Being manipulate by advertising like usual, I love the color of the lippies, so I assume that as high-end brands Lancome will do well. This is the time where I believe drugstore brands is as bad as I picture and anyone who dislikes it pictures it. When I use this lippie. Is not only sheer but not pigmented at all.

If you ask me if I ever use it again. My answer is nope, I never use it anymore. not even for any occasion, since it sheer and no point to use it. I purchase it around SGD 35-40 (I kinda forget the price) then when I first apply in lippies, in that second I really regret buying it. I was with my sister looking in any outlet that sells this lippie around Orchard, Singapore.

From ION orchard toward T Galleria, even Shaw Centre, where all the branded thingy ‘hanging out’ – after I apply it, I just told myself “Why I was die hard trying to search for this lippie”

Then, of course, I feel stupid to spend more for less.


The color of the lippie is soft pink. The lippie does moist and hydrate. Like the name but this time it doesn’t ‘shine’ my lips. I have a problem with the performance and pigmentation of this lippies.

Color/Shades: 4 out of 5

Pigmentation: 1 out of 5

Packaging: 5 out of 5

Performance: 2 out of 5

Overall: 3 out of 5