• Gimmick VS Real: Facial wash – water base after oil base

    Gimmick VS Real: Facial wash – water base after oil base

    I wanted to touch a little bit about  K Beauty or any other beauty blog or retail that provide beauty tips about the use of oil base and water base facial wash in skincare sequence. I have seen lots of beauty retail that sell skincare and use their blog to provide tips to people while promoting their product and account.

    As someone who indulges in marketing stuff, it is a good marketing strategy ‘let them believe because we provide tips’ – this type of marketing strategy is a successful and even led to actually create a trust relationship with you as a buyer and them as the provider of product and tips. Yes, you don’t have to buy with them, but you will follow their tips and you perhaps start to browsing on their website hoping that they will provide free shipping to your region, which 60% of beauty retail already did so, but you don’t mind paying the shipping fees, since you gonna buy up to $250.00 and it FREE international shipping.


    Question everything, should you not?

    What you don’t check is:

    • The legitimacy of the tips
    • The skin condition where this tips going to be applicable
    • Your own skin – understanding your skin will make you realize what’s going to happen when you try the tips.

    We live in the world where we have the mindset that skincare is a tough one to deal with, some are going to professional and others are just reading the tips from blog, magazine or any other source that they can find. They try and keep trying to find the best option.


    Marketing in Beauty

    Things are starting to evolve into everything marketing when Instagram co-exist and we search for the best review. We can’t blame the apps because it’s the easiest apps to find any kind of things nowadays. Especially for those who search new product that can be used for own skin. We took tips from influencers, beauty retail blog and many more. Most of beauty retail have blogs and they provide tips, this is a way of marketing too. Some beauty retails recommend their product and it’s good, along with their informative article and tips. Some other beauty retail tries the same method but ‘tips’ are things that are only applicable to certain people, we all have a different skin condition. This is why to deceive you into buying, their blog doesn’t tell which skin type for this tips.


    The best skincare advice:

    1. Read a real people review.
    2. Get to know your skin
    3. Tested out the product, if it not suitable for your skin IT IS NOT FOR YOU, NO MATTER HOW GREAT OR POPULAR THE BRANDS IS, IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUR SKIN TO CONSUME.
    4. Buy things out of curiosity when you already learn about which ingredients best for your skin. For example artificial fragrance makes my skin itchy but the natural fragrance is not going to make any problem to my skin.

    Let’s get on with this K Beauty blog tips. I will discuss the sequence that they give to their audience. This is actually a really good sequence, it just that…… sometimes it needs a few adjustments.


    The use sequence goes as follow:

    1. Oil base cleansing/facial wash
    2. Water base cleansing/facial wash
    3. Exfoliator
    4. Toner
    5. Treatment
    6. Sheet mask
    7. Moisturiser

    Explanation 1 on 1:


    Oil base cleansing

    example of product: DHC Cleansing oil, Hada Labo Cleansing oil

    is a type of oil that used to prevent skin from dehydration and keep it moist. When you use this cleansing you will feel there is a little bit oil leave on your skin, this is the purpose of oil cleansing. Washing the dirt from your face but keep your skin hydrated. Like my doctor suggest “leave a bit oil, so your skin is not dehydrated, dry and then break out again”

    This type of cleansing is good for very dry skin and eczema skin condition. If you have oily, combination and normal skin, using this may get your skin pimples, because you already have your natural oil from your own skin, while very dry skin doesn’t have it, because the skin produce oil in slow progress, affected  skin elasticity, because oil prevent wrinkle and it somehow play important role in skin.

    Let’s say that if your skin lack of water, it will dehydrate and you can just use sheet mask and drink more water. If your skin lack oil, the skin is dry, and you got to use face oils often. Oil in the skin is somehow related to collagen, when there is oil, collagen and good skincare to support, it prevents skin aging.

    Image from: Medical News Today


    Water base cleansing

    Example of product: La Roche Posay Cleansing foam, L’Oreal Whitening facial foam, Neutrogena deep clean facial wash, Neutrogena Acne free Acne facial wash.

    Foam cleanser or liquid cleanser that can make foaming when you rub it into your face, and it’s smell so chemical. It often uses for acne and oily skin. The cleanser in the form of foaming is often in the white liquid a bit creamy, while the liquid is more to watery form.

    This cleanser reduces oil, sebum and removes dirt. If you are oily skin type, you will often use this type of cleanser, because you hate that oil in your face that makes your makeup melted.



    Example of product: PIXI Beauty Glow Tonic, The Ordinary Toning Solution

    Wheeww.. after all 2 cleansers and you use this. If you are dry skin type like me, chances are your skin will be really ‘clean’ and you are ready for more wrinkles, yaass! *rolleyesemoji.

    Use to transfer all NEXT skincare you will use. It removes dead skin cell, heal acne/pimples, some are even removed white/black head and there is some other benefit you can get by using exfoliation. For dry skin, using this every day are gonna make your skin worse. Same things when you try to use Vitamin A, but both are necessary to use. You just have to find the sequence when to use it.



    Example of product: L’oreal Whitening toner, PyunKang Yul Essence toner.

    Cleansing toner or essence toner, in this matter I as dry skin type of individual will choose essence toner because it creates the very first layer in my skin. The toner will give refresh feeling and this is the very crucial part of your skincare sequence because you will use this after glycolic acid and your skin will absorb all the benefits of this product.



    Example of product: Pyun Kang Yul ampoules, Timeless 20% C + E Ferulic Acid, Paula Choice C15, Drunk Elephant C firma day serum. Timeless B Hydra serum, Hyaluronic Acid, and other face serum.

    Skin booster such as ampoules and/or serum that works to minimizes pores, prevent acne and treat post acne scars. This booster could help to brighten and glow your skin, I love this sequence so much, because it changes my skin condition, if you ever read the article of Skincare Challenge 12 layer, I put every skincare sequence there for dry skin people. I will advise you to use both ampoules and serum for a better result. Use the serum first (even if your serum in gel form) before ampoules because ampoules are a creamy form (PyunKang Yul moisture ampoules)


    Sheet Mask

    I think you know what is this and I don’t need to further explain this one. some people say that this is an essence in the type of mask, while others argue about it. I personally think that the moist in sheetmask is more intense than essence.

    How to use this: use it after all of the




    Face cream, this is the last of all sequence on this tips.


    My thought

    This is a good sequence but the use of 2 facial cleansers and followed by glycolic acid, not the things that I want my skin to suffer from dryness because my skin natural oil is very slow to produce. I get the understanding of the use of sheet mask in this sequence is to replace skin moist which means the elasticity of skin from oil and water, which already being washed away via 2 facial cleansing. I draw my own opinion that using both types of cleansing is not a good option for my skin elasticity.

    My understanding of the sequence tips:

    1. Oil base Cleanser  – basic clean
    2. Water base Cleanse – squeaky clean
    3. Glycolic acid  – too dry for my skin already, it’s going to cause redness

    While 4, 5 and 6 sequences are giving my skin moisturizer. I get that the use of sheet mask is to replace oil and water in skin instantly, there is no mentioning the use of face oils at all. Guess what? they probably don’t sell it or they just have forgotten about it.

    The tips are asking you to clean all your skin natural water and oil then replace it with the skincare. You will need to buy more products, which is sheet mask, serum, toner and new facial wash. Tips from beauty retail surely are trustable and more product in your wardrobe to add, that’s for sure! since their aim is selling and that’s the reason they provide you with the tips.

    The sequence is going to break the collagen by removing your skin natural oil and water. The cleanser is making my dry skin even drier and additional bonus for dehydration. Even for oily, combination or even normal skin, washing your face too much will affect the skin current condition. For oily type, the skin will produce more oil.

    It is different with double cleansing – where you use the same exact facial wash but washes it 2 times and it only occurs when the skin needs it. For example, if you wear makeup, you may need to double cleansing and I did try double cleansing using the same facial wash, there is no problem happened. Then I started to use 2 different facial wash and do the double cleansing, my skin starts to breakout. I have 3 big pimples.

    This is mean that the tips just don’t work well with my skin and I write this with the intention to let you know how to differentiate between real tips and someone who wants to sell their product and using whatever reasonable reason that people think is reasonable to absorb, with the hint of buying more products.


    ‘Getting to know your skin and using the right product based on your skin condition/problem’.

    Not trying to say that the tips are bad. If you are trying it and it’s working out fine, good for you then. I try and it is not working. Nothing against the blog or the beauty retail AT ALL.




    Full time jobseeker and lifestyle writer. Felicia loves to try different products and service, sharing it on Feliccine.com since 2014.
    Skin condition: dry, dehydrated, sensitive with adult acne.

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