Budget Blogger: PR versus Influencer Agency

Budget Blogger: PR versus Influencer Agency

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As you can tell on the cover page. We are going to talk about:


Welcome back to BUDGET BLOGGER, We are going to run this edition every Friday starting from now. There are lots to cover and I will also be writing a PDF stuff about blogging for you to act as guides. As you may notice that I keep saying ‘Personal Branding’ this means your influencing work, personal branding is the term for those who work with their skills as the content curator

So.. Let’s talk about the matter. Is anyone up for the agency? of course, you know all the perk of the agency will do to you yet there are some of the cases that go to court relating with agencies.

So, what exactly is this agency doing and what is the perk about it?


There is 2 type of this agency:

Freelance agency – Where influencer who have 1000 follower can just sign up, then you apply yourself for the collaboration, they don’t tend to you but they get the money from the client that engaged to you. It is like they do nothing but providing a website that allows you to communicate with brands then they get the $$ from the client while you gotta work everything yourself.

Professional agency – They only pick desirable influencer, you going to need to apply and fill out the form when they respond back to you. They also ask you to give require statistic. You gonna sign contract and work with them. If you planning to do this as a full-time job, signing up with this agency will give you benefit but some agency not allowing you to take outside jobs. This may backfire to you if you already have your names listed on Brands PR list.

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PR Agency and Marketing

PR agency will approach influencer and keep them on their list, and they will get back to you when the business has the project that requires influencer again. Take a good example of FentyBeauty that hire PR for their brands launching in Singapore. So, my advice as someone who works in digital marketing is if you are being approached by PR people’s and their content of the email is clear, you can consider taking the jobs. It is good for your personal branding and to lock in next jobs with this PR agency too.

Brands nowadays love to engage directly with the influencer, not within the agency. Brands like FentyBeauty using PR agency to do their product launching. This PR agency already has influencer list that they will approach and ask them to work indirectly for FentyBeauty.

Do you have any story with the digital agency? spill your tea!

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