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Anyone want to monetize their blog, especially those who really are, I think lusting over how it is so easy to just make a blog and then they think that they will be flooded with income. If you are this type of person then reading this article is good for you, but the end probably a little bit bitter, for you to swallow.

I always advise people to not think about monetary gain when you just new in blogging, you will go down the hills. It is not as easy as what people are thinking.

What people’s think:

“I guess blogging is just taking pictures and talk nonsensical things. Telling about their spectacular life, when it doesn’t really like that at all”

Well… I wish blogging are as easy as what people say that also means that it’s so easy to earn money and everyone can just do it. DUH!

After you set all your blog and probably have 2-3 article. Here the things, some of you probably think that by having 1 articles you can monetize your blog. The answer is NO. when you monetize meaning you gonna ad google ads, WordPress ads, and some affiliate. Some affiliate website will be so easy to sign up and the brands are really looking to have their ads placed on your blog, but everyone will gonna sign up for it and there is the bunch of blogs that full of specific brands ads, which is the popular brands.

That’s probably not gonna makes any sense to you, because at first you really are so enthusiastic to place all ads and earning money from it. You can sign up for our blog consultation of affiliate marketing strategy and other blogging question you have in mind.



Affiliation means you are partnering to promote the brands by earning commissions when someone purchasing directly from the link that you provide in your channel. There are lots of affiliation type. This is a good type of monetization but anyone will do this.

You can signup with Amazon or Shareasale for affiliation, it easy to sign up all you need to do is a blog or website. a median to place the ads. The second type is from a website as well, where your website will be reviewed directly from the brands, and they will email you when you are selected as their affiliation partner, this is the best but most difficult ones, they are not gonna accept if you have a lousy weblog. The third type is from the brands itself, they give the link and unique code for your readers to use, this is the very best type of affiliate because you have less competitor to none at all, since you probably the only blogger that hold this affiliation for a year on your region.

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Simply means that you write an advert, maybe it is in form of sponsorship post or campaign or even collab where you will get paid. If you see on Instagram, the apps called it as ‘paid partnership’. Brands will have the requirement for you to do it, and you will have to create according to it. The brands will review it before they agree to you, should you publish it. It’s a longtime job if you are able to pull it off, you will lock your next jobs.

Advertorial requires hard work and longtime progress. Building your blog and social media exposure is a must-do. If you want brands to notice it. Here the thing in anyone mind, if you have lots of blog viewers and no brands engaging to you, which actually happened with lots of blogs, it just simply means they doubt your capabilities in doing branding. Brands simply don’t look just engagement. If you post random stuff into your Instagram post and then call yourself as a blogger. Then you get so cranky over a brand who promise to send a gift.

There is no Instagram them and yes, you do have engagement. There is none of the good content, you post about your family, your KFC meals, and other stuff. No filter, no editing skills, no good caption and nothing. How did you expect brands to notice you and giving you an opportunity? It simply like, you are often applying for jobs, you listed your skills, educational background, and work experience. This is something similar to that, and you gonna apply this over and over. So do your best and create a good content.

Have you monetized your blog? Talk about your experience of blogging in the comment section below!


Felicia is a writer podcaster and social journalist. She previously writes for publisher company such as MEDIUM publisher and Allwomenstalkcom. She received the award for Top 50 Indonesian Beauty Blogger on March 2018.
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“A skincare routine is some ‘me’ time with you and your favorite person in this entire world”

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