BUDGET BLOGGER: 100 blog viewer/day

BUDGET BLOGGER: 100 blog viewer/day
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I remember the first time I make my blog, I have no ideas where to start and what should I do. It feels like someone who walking with blind eyes. I have no ideas if I can really earn money just a bit from this. At that time, I decided to just focus on my passion

I love beauty, I love wearing makeup and looking pretty and then matching it with my outfit. I was weighing between beauty and fashion last time since I want my blog to have only 1 focus. Then I decided to just run an Instagram beauty account and during my free time I write on Tumblr, posting my makeup review. On and on, I post about my makeup look on Instagram till 1 day, I receive an email from Sephora Singapore to collab with their new product of Rogue Matte Lipstick. I decided to give it a free trial since I am new from this and not deciding to do sponsorship or even earning money from Instagram. Till the next job request from a skin clinic.

“I completely have no idea what I want to pursue back then, I love writing and blogging keep me at ease, I can just do it, whenever I want.”

I sign up on Blogger and move all my post from Tumblr to the Blogger. All my beauty review from first makeup that I buy from Sephora. I receive a good response from people’s due to the fact that I tell the truth about Zoeva Pure Velour Lips and NYX Lingerie. Probably the fact that I never imagining to pursue this as a complete monetary thing, has gotten me to the step where I am capable to provide the honest review.

If you reading this, chances are you want to increase your blog traffic and thinking to earn money from it. When you have that kind of mindset, chances are you are going to be heart broke. Blogging is about passion, and if you are not someone who likes being creative. This could be a joy killer to you because your ultimate goal is money.

If you are thinking it wasn’t that hard to make a blog and just write daily things. If you are a popular person, it won’t be that hard, for sure! But, if you start as nobody, chances are you are going to see 0 viewers in your blog and if you are going to show that kind of statistic to the brands, just imagine when you receive a rejection letters from a company when you already going for an interview with the hope to get the job.It works as you work harder to update your blog.

I keep updating my blog regularly during my first years. In a day I can publish up to 3 articles, and I always published article during the weekend. I also share on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I share not only one time but several times. Using SEO is as important as registering your blog on the search engine, both play the role to keep people to click your blog without you having to share it on social media again and again.

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Are you ready to start your blog and get 100 blog viewers? Get ready to reply and set your newsletter! Happy blogging!


Felicia has dry to very dry and acne prone skin. dryness area around cheek, eyes, and nose. She has light-medium skin tone. The foundation match is M.A.C Cosmetics NC 25. The main skincare is Tretinoid (Vitamin A) 0.025% and 0.5%, Clinique Overnight Masque, Cetaphil face and body cream, Belif Hydrating cream, Cosrx Snail Facial Essence, C+E +Ferulic Acid acid, B hydration serum and Argan oil from Timeless, Dr Jart+ Oil Balm, cream and cicapair.


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