BELIF is korean famous beauty brand that deliver exceptional skincare that is not only price but good quality as well. This article is talking about facial essence and the image above is a sample product that Belif store assistant give it to me during my purchase in the store, which is smaller in size but no different in product packaging. I have recently stop using Belif  The True Cream Aqua bomb and Moisturizing bomb.

The essence are very price in my opinion with S$ 80.00 for the actual bottle. The other essence that I have reviewed is line rescue essence and also part of The True Decoction. The sample provide me for 7 days 2 times application usage. The sample itself has been a great advantages for me to provide review.

This is a very good quality essence with really creamy feeling that my skin love, the firming essence can help to tighten my skin and plumping my skin a little bit. Upon using the product I feel like my skin got ‘wake up call’ and producing more collagen, with the help of PIXI Glow Tonic, both product has given exceptional performance in my dry, sensitive and acne prone skin.

No skin purging, break out and allergic occurred

During the 7 days. I love it. It absorb really quick into my skin. The pumping bottle make the essence effect last longer. My skin can absorb all the benefit. If you have no ideas, the applicator of skincare determine if the skincare nutrition is going to be long lasting or not. for example, if its jar applicator, chances are 70% going to last but most people who know about skincare will probably avoid buying jar applicator for their face cream but toothpaste, because the cream doesn’t expose to direct sunlight and outdoor, while jar exposing every cream contain in the applicator itself.

What is this product?

It is a firming energy essence contains natural herbal ingredients that help to tighten and firm sagging skin. This is good for users in the early 30s who start to feel lack of firmness and sagging facial line. This is formulated by Herbal Collagen Peptide to help collagen synthesis and skin immunity yet to increase the inner skin firmness up to 90%.

No Addition of Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

How to use:

After applying toner, pump two to three times in your palm and apply gently over the face, moving along the skin surface.

Size: 50 ml

Price: S$ 80.00


There is no indication of ingredients that I can find on the bottle packaging nor on internet but they claimed they only use herbal ingredients as below.

  • Herbal  ingredient : Bistorta, Silverweed , Mullein
  • Hub Collagen Peptides ™ and the root directory koksyeon Formula ™ as a product containing an anti-wrinkle functional essence that trimmed the skin elasticity and wrinkles elastic taengtaenghan formulation that smoothly while purging the skin problems by increasing the elastic energy of the skin root directory koksyeon formula is enriched by the efficacy of herbal ingredients to de-koksyeon (decoction) extraction 300 years of tradition in superior efficacy in this carefully selected herbal skin Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden.
  • It helps improve skin wrinkles.


What is the different between firming and anti aging?

Firming skincare using same ingredients with anti -aging but anti – aging have added more ingredient, meaning more chemical ingredients to slow down the process of aging skin. You can only slow down by giving more moisturizer but you cannot prevent your skin in aging. This is why older people tend to care more about their eating habit, lifestyle and also skincare. There is people who going to gym but have sagging and wrinkle in their skin.

There are lots of speculation into anti aging and firming skincare, which I highly tell you that the different is the ingredients which is less or more ingredients, in this case is chemical . Some brands will give more alcohol into the skincare which provide you with the impression of ‘tight skin’, when you actually just experiment the dry of the cream itself, this is happened for those firming skincare.

Anti-aging skincare, will boost more moisturizer into your skin, leaving you feel at ease. More moist less wrinkles, that is for sure. The main reason people get wrinkles easily is because they are not using proper skincare that contain more moisturizer, even if you have oily skin, you still need to use face cream in gel type form because oil is not moisturizer.


Plastic bottle with pump applicator, no box provided for me. The cream is white in color. Absorb quite slow since it is really creamy.

The image below is the sample size.

Have you tried Belif The True Decoction yet? Spill your tea!


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