Mascara (S)HIT List

Hello! This is my first blogpost I ever written. In my journey of finding the best, I’ve came across a lot of shitty mascaras and sometimes due to my limited capacity of a brain, I tend to forget which mascara I’ve tried before. Hence, I wanted to compile a list of mascaras that I’ve ever tried. Lucky me, my sister has a blog and she allow me to post my entry. (nepotism at its best).

When I was a teenager, I thought buying a mascara is just that, buying a mascara. Nothing special about it. Go to the drugstore, pick one mascara, and use it. Simple as that. I didn’t give a damn if my eyes started to look like a panda at the end of the day, I thought mascara supposed to do that. Well, how wrong I could be! My first ever mascara was a Revlon mascara, I don’t remember which one, and it smudges like crazy. Then, by accident, I bought a Maybelline mascara (because the Revlon one was  discontinued) and IT DIDN’T SMUDGE. I was so surprised that it didn’t smudge! So, hence began my journey to trying out mascara.

Over the years, what I look for in a mascara is simple:

  • Smudge-proof (very very important since I  live in hot humid climate)
  • Can hold the curl (I always uses lash curler every single day)
  • Length and volume. But if i could only choose one, volume it is.
  • Easy to apply

Simple right? NOT. It is very hard to find the one perfect mascara. Sometimes, I even layered two mascara to get the result that I like.

A little bit about me: I have dry/combination skin, my eyelid can get quite oily by mid-afternoon. I have hooded eyes. I’m using eye cream, under-eye concealer and set it with RCMA loose powder. No baking involved, it’s already dry as a desert.

Lashes condition: Long (thanks to the eyelash serum) and very fine lashes.

Lash curler that I used is from Shu Uemura.

All of the mascaras mentioned will be in black, unless stated otherwise.

SPOILER: The only brown mascara (Heroine Make) that I have turned up REDDISH BROWN on my lashes.

I’m rating the parameter out of 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest:

  1. Waterproof – Yes or No answer, based on the packaging itself. I never test out this claim because I never ever went swimming.
  2. Smudge – 1 being the least likely it smudges and 5 being the smudgiest of them all.
  3. Curling Power – Can it curl my lashes without me using a lash curler?
  4. Droopy – This is when after you curl your lashes, and after applying the mascara it started to droop or back to your pre-curl condition. (RUDE)
  5. Lengthen – 1 being the least likely it can lenghten your lashes and 5 being the most lenghtening.
  6. Volume – 1 being the least likely and 5 being the most volumising.
  7. Clumpy – I do not like spider and I definitely do not want a spider legs on my eyes. I love feathery lashes. This is a bit tricky, some mascaras are great if you apply one coat and when you get into the second coat, it suddenly clump together. I rarely apply one coat of mascara (except when it’s a new tube), so second coat is where my judgement begin.
  8. Flaky – This can happen right away or the worst, happen during mid-day which is RUDE. It’s when particles of your mascara started to fall off to your under-eye area. Sure, you can dust it off lightly with a brush, but how many of you bring a brush to your office toilet just to dust off the flakes? I don’t.
  9. Crispy Lash – When I’m thinking, I have the habit of brushing my lashes up with my point finger, just like when applying a mascara, but instead of using the mascara’s wand, I’m using my finger. Some formula will leave your lashes so damn crispy just like a fried chicken skin. Prolong use of this kind of mascara can lead to dry and brittle lashes and hence make it easier to fall off.
  10. Formula – Wet or Dry? With wet formula, you gonna have a long drying time and in the meantime pray you won’t sneeze. Some mascara have a wet formula, but can dry fairly fast, like less than 15 seconds (estimated time, I never timed it).

From time to time, I will update the list below if I tried any new mascara. Enjoy!

NameOverallWater proofSmudge proofCurling PowerDroopy LashLenghtenVolumeClumpyFlakyCrispy LashesFormula
L'oreal Lash Paradise5 & will repurchaseYes523.544111Wet when applying, but quick dry
L'oreal Miss Manga5 & will repurchaseYes5413.54111Dry
Maybelline Big Shot4Yes4.54134122Dry
Heroine Make Volume & Curl Advance Film (Brown)1Yes03243131Wet
Maybelline Lash Sensational3Yes0112.52133Dry
Maybelline Magnum4Yes2113413.54Dry
Maybelline Hyper Curl3Yes24233133Wet, quick dry
Eyeko Rock Out & Lash Out1No50500111Wet
Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir1Yes31124432Wet
Too Faced BTS0Yes113.533311Wet
Rimmel Scandaleyes (Waterproof)0Yes00411434Wet
Essence Volume Stylist1Yes0133412.51Wet
Maybelline Lashionista2Yes032.552.5212semi-wet
Maybelline Push Up Angel3Yes11132124Wet, quick dry
L'oreal False Lash Butterfly1Yes1222.52.5223Wet, quick dry
L'oreal Curl Impact Collagene0Yes01133222Wet
Essence False Lashes0No02413122Wet
Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost0Yes01423212Wet
Palladio Aqua Force0Yes00522222Wet

TIPS: If you have a smudgy mascara that you love, you can try layering it with clear brow gel on top.

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any mascara suggestion, please let me know in the comment below.

Also, please let me know if you’d like a detail blow by blow for each of the mascara mentioned above.

DISCLAIMER: This is what works for me, I’m sure a lot of people will have a different experience than mine.