• Beauty Template – Tag your favorite brands

    Beauty Template – Tag your favorite brands
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    Hi guys, thanks for downloading and using my templates. Thanks for anyone who tag me too and didn’t delete my tag name. I finally made my Pinterest account again, since I accidentally delete the old accounts. I wanted to tell you that you can go to my Instagram page to screenshot the template or go to my Pinterest account and discover more template that you can shot to play around on insta stories.

    Pinterest URL: https://www.pinterest.com/TheFeliccine/template/

    Instagram URL: https://www.instagram.com/feliccine/



    AND, I also made ‘Beauty Talk with us’ edition on Instagram.

    As you can see below:

    Thank you for saving. Don’t forget to tag and follow me on Instagram or Pinterest <3


    Full time jobseeker and lifestyle writer. Felicia loves to try different products and service, sharing it on Feliccine.com since 2014.
    Skin condition: dry, dehydrated, sensitive with adult acne.

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