Hey guys, hope you all having a great weekend because tomorrow is Saturday. Some of you that read my previous blog post probably already know that I will talk about this stuff. This will be a short article and all I want is to share what I know about the V-shape surgery and the risk? not against anyone who wants to do or already done it.

You have your money and you have your own consent. I think I have no right to criticizing what you do for yourself or judging you. We all have our own guilty pleasure and since I want to do lip injection, then why should I judge?

Well.. let’s say that we all want to be pretty and V-shaped face is really trending nowadays. No matter how you look at it, those who have the V-shaped face does look pretty. With that V shape face, we all look so perfect in video recording or photo without having to edit our picture on those beauty apps and then some of us, probably are so scared that people notice is that we edit our photo, especially if let’s say that you having blind date and the photo is the one that is being edited. The guy left thinking that you don’t look like in the picture.

You plan to have surgery with the exact same shape on the picture. Let me tell you one thing! That guy is having a dream of a woman who has V shape face and he is dumb, you shouldn’t date him. Think logically, if the guy is smart, he surely knows that there is nowhere the face shape of V even exists.

 The type of face shape

There is no way people are born with V shape face. There is only 5 type of face shape

  • Round face
  • Square face
  • Heart shaped face
  • Oval face
  • Diamond face shape

The only shape face that closes to V shape probably is the heart-shaped face, while square shaped face people will have high cheekbones. Each face shape has their own uniqueness. All you have to do is enhancing your beauty, have a confidence and don’t over edit your picture.

Blogger promoting plastic surgery

Several bloggers did promote plastic surgery such as nose or lips injection, eyelids surgery, botox and many others. This plastic surgery needs to have doctor assistance and you gotta doing it over and over again. Let’s say for botox probably 6 months, you need to come back to the doctor and do the injection. There are so many bloggers that taking this type of sponsorship and thinking that “it’s worth it and it’s free, I also get paid” – It’s worth it when there is no risk but everything has its own risk, especially when you want to change your outer self.

The truth behind V shape

I admit I want to do plastic surgery last time, but I probably will do lip injection. With the curiosity of V-shaped face, I ask my doctor about it, when I doing the test procedures for Bioessence V shape cream. so, here is the Q&A.

Q: Can this cream (show to her) really can makes my face V shape?
A: No. It can't. None of the face cream can but plastic surgery can.

Q: How is the procedure of plastic surgery? What's the doctor gonna do to my face?"
A: They will try to cut your face bone and then try to shape into V shape, that also means that they will scrape your face bone. It can't turn back to normal. If you expecting your bone to grow, bone can't grow. When you old, the skin will turn saggy and you will look like a bulldog.

I imagine the doctor scrapes my bone till it turned thinner.  After I grow old, my skin will not be as tight as now it will slowly be saggy and yes, I will look like bulldog and since there is no bone to support my skin, all the face probably definitely have drastic changes and it feels like I will have those kinds of melting face, like a ghost, if I ever do V-shaped face. Can you imagine it?

Well, people face changes after surgery. Some are good changes and some are bad. I think plastic surgery is for those who really need it. For example, if someone having a tragic accident and let half of the face having big scratches and yes, this person need to do plastic surgery. Other cases are like Xiaxue who really want to be pretty since she feels she is not. she only done minor plastic surgery, which involves her nose and eyelids, she did tell her reason that why she wants to do those surgeries.

If you planning to do eyelids surgery, you need to tell the doctor what kind of eyes or ask an artist to draw it, for you. You can request what kind of eyes-shape you want to have? NOT all doctor will accept a ridiculous request, for sure.

As my doctor told me there is nowhere that face cream will make your face V-shaped but tighten it. I just have a question in mind about the celebrity who already done the surgery, what will they look like in the future?

I guess for me, making my face V shape and having the surgery for it, it is way too much risk. This article I write with the reason to share with you all about V shape surgery.

What did you think about plastic surgery? please share in the comment!

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For more information about plastic surgery do rely on the professional doctor. This article was merely involving my personal question with my doctor and I personally want to share it. It doesn't involve the doctor mentioned on this article.