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Welcoming march, I provided you guys with March wallpaper and also January to February wallpaper that some of you may already see on my Instagram highlight stories ‘GRAPHIC’. I put all the creativity there, you can always screenshot and if you want to tag me when you use it, please do. I love seeing people use my digital arts.


You can go to my Instagram click on my picture below and screenshot from there:

 January to February wallpaper

Please ask me to put on your name (email to Info@feliccine.com). All I ask is you share it on your social media so more people will do this custom made wallpaper or even use other wallpaper and please tag me when you share it. So that I can notice your account, and maybe give you some gift.

March to April wallpaper



Thank you for using this wallpaper. Appreciate it, if you don’t erase the tag name.

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