All about you template

All about you template

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Hi guys, thanks for subscribing to my blog and thank you so much for sharing my GIF LIFE CHALLENGE template and using my wallpaper, I feel so happy whenever you guys tagging me on my Instagram.

Anyway, I saw this template circulate around Instagram stories which I feel it’s creative ways to let people know you better.

Its all about you

The template are asking you to choose between Pizza or Pasta. The color that you love and your favorite city. You should share it to your followers, so they know maybe even asked you to travel or eat pizza together. I was thinking “hmm.. why not sharing it? Its fun!”.

I set the template with bright color. The template that I saw is in grey color which I feel it’s not bringing ‘cheerful’ vibes. Since, this another IG stories challenge that similar to GIF life Challenge as you can track back to the link below:

GIF design – My life in GIF template

If you want to download MARCH template go to this section:


You can screenshot on my Instagram the template on my instagram as below:

You can share and tag me on stories. Please don’t remove the tag name and/or even claimed it as yours.

Tag me on your IG stories, so that I can ‘spot’  and learn your preferences as well. This template is not for commercial purpose. Please report to me, if anyone dare to sell or ask you to purchase the template.

THANK YOU for sharing and supporting my creativity.

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