Budget Blogger: Guide for simple graphic design and photography apps

Budget Blogger: Guide for simple graphic design and photography apps
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Last week, I discussed blogging median and tools with all the total budgets. I also told you that the blog will be updated weekly.

How to be a ‘budget blogger’?

Today I will discuss apps that you can install on your smartphone or tablet, that include graphic design apps and photography apps.

If you wanna make a blog, you probably also think to make a logo. I already made 3 logos but seems like I just can’t really find the right fit yet for the logo design except for black font color, I still have no ideas what kind of logo suit for my blog right now, but I accessed few logo design apps on my smartphone

1. Canva:

This is the most popular among others actually. I can purchase any kind of design with few cents to US1.00 and make it my own, I can also save it in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and PDF printable. I can make my media kit, my blog cover or Instagram stories or post, my digital business card. There is lots of other stuff that you can be made using this app. This app can be installed using your phone, but the easiest ways to use this app is via laptop. totally easy, I could rate it about 5 out of 5. The layout is adjusted automatically either you want it as a facebook cover, youtube cover, blog cover or Instagram post.


2. Adobe Spark

I am the insider of this particular apps. As an insider, I contribute to the development of this apps. Adobe has been always serving for Graphic Design. They serve lots of range for digital design. Adobe Spark is the easiest apps that you can use on your smartphone or laptop, you can always adjust the layout, color, font, or make it video. Canva does not serve the video part, but Canva did have lot’s of design that Adobe spark doesn’t cover. you can also make your own digital magazine using this app for free but this part you need to access it via laptop. The image is free, the social media logo is only 1 design, suitable for those who want everything to be in the same design, without having the need to look over all the others design. I advise you, if you gonna attached your social media design into any of your social media or channel, it’s better to be in the same color and size. Because, it won’t cause confusion when people look at your graphic design, and there are lots of words jumbled up, they won’t likely to ever look at your blog ever again. Most of my blog featured image that you see is from Adobe Spark. This is the best apps if you want to save money for your blog, I use this often than Canva. The layout also can be adjusted as according to Instagram page, YouTube channel.


3. Adobe LightRoom

This is the apps where you can edit your photos, there are lots of preset and you can save it and paste it into your next post. The only things that I dislike about this apps are they don’t have brightness and structures option for my photo. Most of the influencers are using this app. You can install it on your mobile phones and link it back to the LightRoom on your laptop. There is a lot of photographers that give their preset/filter for free.

4. Light Trick – Enlight QuickShot

Love this app, I could just do some dramatic photographic for my travel pictures. I can change could and color to make it looks awesome. lot’s of filter, effect and setting adjustment. It’s necessary for a blogger to know how to edit a picture and make a dull picture looks colorful, it catches new audience eyes and it makes them drawn into your blog. You need to install this too! however, you need to subscribe to the app in order to use all the good filter, $19.99 for a year, that’s sound fair to me!



The most popular apps, that everyone has been using. I become the member since I love using the filter and it’s so easy to use. The filter is also eye-catching for me. This app is good for those who want to take portrait focused photo or even travel photo. For example, if you like do OOTD and your background is wall or flowers, then using this app to create vibes that suitable in your taste for your Instagram.



This is a photo text and professional graphic design but with the subscription of $9.99 per month, quite expensive but most of the layout is adjustable automatically. The font, the graphic design, and everything is attractive in my eyes. The one things that I like about this apps is they can do transparent background, while others can’t do any of that, there is a color gradient that I could adjust if I want to make gold color font or mauve. You can make a digital Christmas card, Blog cover or IG post. Or perhaps you want to make a digital project for your company or blog, you can use this. You cannot use this on the laptop but smartphone or tablet. Oh.. you can make brochure or flyer on this apps. They provide you with phot from professional photographers without worrying about copyright matters. $9.99 per month is quite expensive but if 1 days you make about 10-50 content, then why not subscribe it! you get it back by having viewers to your blog. They prove 7 days free trial.


Others apps that I recommend and use right now:

Hypertext – this app could create a nice looking font text for your insta stories, make it more attractive. Try to install the apps and you know what I mean, especially if your blog needed a long introduction. this one can do the things, free to install, except some fonts need to buy (one-time purchase)

Flipagram – for those who like to share music on insta stories. This app is a thing! love the effect and the unique font that can move around like it dancing.

Quik – This is a photo video apps. If you are someone who like t share story of your travel and forget to take Vlog, then you can use this apps. This app can do compilation for all your phot in one single video with music.

KiraKira+ – you know this app can make video and photo with glitter. If you see people on IG shot a video or take a picture with glitter then this is the apps that they use. There are others apps too! but when I try it, it is not as good as this apps. Paid apps.

Platography – wanna make a moving cloud or moving object. This can do that but need to pay when you install it.

Retouch – deleting objects in your photo. this app comes with purchase.

I will update and share with you guys if I use new apps on my blogs.

I guess that’s all about the app. Are you ready for blogging now? Comment down below, if you wanna ask about anything regarding blogging. I’ll check it out and reply to you. See you again next week!


Digital Strategist and Lifestyle Writer. Felicia has been indulging and mastering in Marketing, especially digital marketing, e-commerce and start-up business. In her free time, she travels and captures landscape and portrait photography.

Find me on: Web | Twitter | Facebook



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