“I will stop thinking this way” Self love

“I will stop thinking this way” Self love
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I will stop feeling useless. Feeling nothing. Feeling like I am a total loser.

I was really stuck in my mind and crying over my life. Why should I stop giving my own emotion and feeling get the best out of me?

I’m not wake up early in the morning anymore, since I know I have nothing to rush for. None. There’s nothing that been waiting for me anymore, unlike last time. I have to rush to school, do my project and catching up with friends.

I stop doing that anymore. I stop listening to my favorite things: music. Instead I keep listening to the old song over and over again. I become a boring person. I was so scared to meet new people, I was so scared that others will judge my appearance and the way I speak, since I speak broken English. I give them the power over myself.

I feel so annoyed by myself thinking that way until I hate my ownself. Why can I move myself forward and start take control over my life. It felt to me that this job hunter thingy starting to ‘eat’ the best out of me. I don’t feel like I have problem making ‘that’ as my own dream.

I will stop feeling guilty just because I broke.

I will stop feeling so depress because I am single and not yet married, while others already did so.

I will stop rushing over things

I will stop thinking that others will judge me, they can judge me the way they want. I will going to love my own life and be grateful about it.

I will stop thinking that nobody cares about my well being, because people cares about others as much as I think they don’t.

I will stop feeling scared meeting with qualified and professional people.

I will stop eating useless stuff

I will stop thinking that I have to please others.

I will stop pushing myself over blogging and social media stuff.

I will stop to reply to every single message just because I like to say it face to face and if it’s not necessary things or just about chit chatting, I don’t think I will be replying

I will stop responding or giving reaction to every kind of event happening in this life, so that those people doesn’t get their power over me.

I will stop thinking that I have to save over a soap or a shampoo and get my hair dirty.

I will stop not to use my lotion or skincare as much as I need, because my face and body needed it.

I will stop not to stop feeling that I’m attractive enough and let others judge my appearance as much as they want it

I will stop thinking that nobody will accept this body figure of mine, because if he will love me, he will.

I will stop thinking that I look so old and ugly, I cannot wear x dress. As long as I think it’s looks pretty on me, I will wear it.

I will stop thinking I’m so old and gonna die soon, because human have life span of 50-80 years olds.

I will stop feeling so scared trying out new things. That drone looks awesome, this new camera look cool.

I will stop thinking NOT to waste my $$ for the things that I love, I will buy those pretty nail polish, that camera, going travel with my sister, eat what I desire.


“I will never stop chasing over my dream and forever be myself’


Now it’s your turned. You should stop thinking that way and start loving yourself, because start is still shining, northern light is really existed, and all that photograph in tumblr is so cool and dreamy. Paris is still the best romantic place in the world.


Felicia has dry to very dry and acne prone skin. dryness area around cheek, eyes, and nose. She has light-medium skin tone. The foundation match is M.A.C Cosmetics NC 25. The main skincare is Tretinoid (Vitamin A) 0.025% and 0.5%, Clinique Overnight Masque, Cetaphil face and body cream, Belif Hydrating cream, Cosrx Snail Facial Essence, C+E +Ferulic Acid acid, B hydration serum and Argan oil from Timeless, Dr Jart+ Oil Balm, cream and cicapair.


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