Introduction: How to be a ‘budget blogger’?

Introduction: How to be a ‘budget blogger’?

Hello guys, as I promised in my previous post that I will write about blogging tips. I give title ‘budget blogger’ so that it’s easier for you to notice it and also is because I am always that budget blogger. From the beauty product to the digital median will be set by the budget and I’ll explain everything on this article

What median is good for making a blog?

There are lots of median for making a blog:

  • Blogspot by google
  • Tumblr
  • Wix
  • Reddit
  • WordPress, and lots of others.

The question is, what kind of blog you will do?  Is it going to be a lot of wording or lots of pictures? Or maybe you want your blog to look like a professional personal website? This is all you need to consider before sign up in blog platform site.

You can judge based on my experience

I change from Tumblr to Blogspot to WordPress. I will say WordPress is the best one so far. I am not regretting moving my blog to WordPress. the site is so easy to use. There is a plugin to install every time I need to add something to my blog, it’s work like installing a smartphone app. The customization, widget and all of the other stuff are just pressing and type. Also, lots of attractive free theme that will make the blog looks professional.

I asked the PipDig team to move my blog to WordPress. They gave me additional 1 free theme and let me choose which theme that I want from all their collection. I love how professional their work and service. If you have made a blog and wanted to move your blog to WordPress or build your website. I recommend using PipDig service. The business is based in the UK, the only problem is time difference but, since I sleep late and didn’t have to rush over it, so it doesn’t matter for me.

Do I need to register a unique domain name?

Depends. If you want to write freestyle to fill your times, then there is no need to have a registered domain. But, if you hate that “,” then you may change it to “.com”.

The domain registration cost me about 13.90/years. To me, the price is cheap, consider the billing is annual. I register it with Google suite that also provides me with custom email. The domain email cost me about $5.00/user per month. The custom email is very costly among all others ingredients for building a blog. One year, I spend about $20.00. The domain website is under Enom which is separated from Google Suite, they are collaborating to provide domain and custom email. If you only want to register a domain then I guess I will pick SiteGround for that, since I will also move to SiteGround, this year. The customer service available for 24 hours via chat, and they are always been helpful, the only things that is complicated is the fact that they do not provide any of PayPal or credit card billing in the first place and I have to contact my bank to solve the payment, plus the time difference, if you dislike complicated things then perhaps find another option, you can google it to read anyone thought and review about website host.

Since the content that you have is very useful or if you think its useful. You gotta need to register for site security. If you want and feel its necessary to do so. Not all blog is providing secure browsing. Mine, registered with SG site secure. I think it’s easy for me to register it in SG site secure because I live here and if there is anything that I need, I can contact directly or go to the office.
I provide site secure since I don’t want my readers IP address get hack by anyone, the reader’s information, and my content copyright.

When I used Blogspot, there are so many sites that took advantages of stealing my content and claiming that they owned it. This is part of the learning, when you do blogging, most people will likely to take your content and edite. Making one interesting article is a hard job and when someone copies your work, that’s even more frustrating.

 What are the tools for making a blog?

Tools here will be a laptop, camera, and smartphone. Blogging is part of the digital world and its require median for that. A laptop that I used is SONY Vaio. I sign up to google drive and google photo, had my own hard drive for my photograph to be stored. A digital camera for Sony Cybershot, it takes a focused and good picture for my blog since I am not so demanding to make it as beautiful as possible. I try to let my viewer have a good view of the product. The smartphone can be any as long as there is a camera of 8 megapixel and big RAM because you going to install lots of photo editing app. I guess smartphone and laptop, you have it. So, it doesn’t count in your budget but digital camera maybe.

Total I spend perhaps about $100 to $300 and above to start blogging!
Let go on to the details:
1. Domain registered $13.90 per year (billed annually)
2. Email registered $50.00 per year (billed annually)
3. Theme: blogger cost about $5.00 to $20.00+ and WordPress cost about $50.00-$100.00 (one-time payment)
4. Site secure $40.00+
5. Digital camera $150.00 to $200.00 (one-time payment)
6. Hard drive $200.00 (one-time payment)

Which one you can cut:
1. Domain and email registered
2. Theme
3. Site secure (maybe)
4. A hard drive can wait till you blog grow bigger but if you have the money, why not buy it now, you can also use it for your leisure entertainment.

Yes, blogging is very costly and some people just make a random blog with a high hope that they will get free sponsorship from brands and when it’s not happening, they are closing their blog or write about why blogging sucks. Blogging is not sucking, when you think as part of your hobby. Took an example: if someone loves hiking, they will buy all the expensive and the high-quality tools for them to go on hiking next, because they know they will.

Blogging can be considered as a hobby, if you like it, you won’t mind spending more money for it. I like writing and having median like blog making it easy for me to share it with others. Do I have high hopes for sponsorship or collaboration? The answer is well, if the fortune comes, why reject it? but I am not die-hard-must-get benefit from it since, this is a hobby of mine. Making it sound like a gold cave, it felt not-so-good to me.

I will continue with the graphic design and the editing app that will be useful for you in building your blog in next article. This article about blog tips will be published every once a week.


If there is anything that you would like to ask about blogging or any thought that you have in mind, just write in the comment box.

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