Blogging.. I fall in love

Blogging.. I fall in love

Blogging.. I am really in love. If you noticed recently I keep posting landscape photo on my Instagram. I have been trying to improve my skills. I was thinking to add more about photography tips, tutorial, tech and result to you.

Most of the time, I post on twitter. doing micro blogging is such a fun things and since, Twitter can write lengthy wording, so I took the opportunity to type more on Twitter. On Instagram, I post landscape photography that I took during my travel. I often travel back and forth, between Singapore and Indonesia. Each time I travel, I will always grab that chances to make a nice photography and post it on social media. I measure my skills by how many people will going to like it, but it’s not good measure tools, since Instagram is a social media. I also posted it on 500px, the app provide a photography class for $6.58 per month, I can took any classes from professional photographer. They provide a photography competition and give rewards to those who win it. The competition is sponsored by well-known photography company such as Canon or 500px itself.

Blogging is not my fulltime nor my part time job, I blog what I want to share. This blog is part of my passion and hobby, to write, to take photograph and share it. I also would like to make articles about blogging – ‘how to make a blog’ and ‘what tools that you need to make a blog’. This is my 2nd year of blogging, I gonna share my experience and skills that I currently have for those who are passionate on becoming a blogger or wanted to start a blog, but have no ideas where to start first. I move my blog from Tumblr into Blogger and now using WordPress. I think WordPress is the best choice to build your blog or even a website. There is more attractive themes that you can use freely. You can also navigate your blog accessories as you want.

Since HTML is not my best friends and WordPress solve that problem by making everything simple when I want to customize my blog layout. In my honest opinion, when someone asked me ‘How is blogging feels?’,  my answer would be:

“Blogging is the most tiring activity that I do. It took most of my time. Taking photograph, do some research, write, arrange and post. It’s not as easy as what people may think it is. The earning is not as much as what most people dream of. Only few brands will still coming back to you and collaborate with you.”

Blogging can be a part time job BUT not a full time, unless you have nothing to do AT ALL or you have lots of free time. you can start try to do blogging as part time. However, don’t hope too much, because there is lots of new-raising blogger right now. Some of blogger who has been in this industry and didn’t get what they hope much which is sponsored product has been stop blogging even they have lot’s of readers.

It’s not about readers or how many likes/followers you have but the vibes that you sent to those brands. They pick the vibes that suitable to their brands. It’s like making a micro advertising company and work as freelance advertiser for them. I will talked more about:

  • Brands, Sponsorship and Collaboration
  • Blogging tools
  • Photography tools
  • Others type of earnings that blogger can make.

I’m currently trying to shape my YouTube video editing skills. When I think I have enough skills and experience, I will share it to you. I think digital world will be part of our daily life from now onwards. People connected by internet and it’s more easy to get any kind of information on internet than real world nowadays.

2018 will be the year where I’m probably blog less compared to 2016. 2016 was the year where I really worked hard to make this blog happening. Back then, I just never thought this blog will get many viewers but keep updating the content. I often shared it on Facebook current and at that time, my Facebook friends was just 100 yet I’m happy that they are clicking and sharing the blog.

There is friends who support and friends who like to reap what you have but, when you need them the most, they are long gone without trace. I wish that blogging is less complicated for some people. you don’t really have to think perfect flatlay picture and keep on updating your Instagram. You don’t have to follow and unfollow people just to get people attention.

“Just focus on your blog and think social media is a median to share the main things.”


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