Oppss!! Cleansing wipes

Oppss!! Cleansing wipes
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Hello Gorgeous…

I was looking up my Instagram feed and find a couple of article talking about ‘how great is cleansing wipes?’ and ‘with cleansing wipes, you don’t need to wash your face and save your time’ kind of beauty article. then I see Caroline Hirons UK facialist that give he own perspective by reacting less favorably about this product. I was really curious because there is so many beauty article talking about the result of using cleansing wipes will give your skin dewwy, soft and smooth looking skin. Finally the chances is here and I get to try Skin O2 cleansing wipes that contained Aloe Vera and Dermatologist formulated.


After I travel back to Singapore, my skin is really dry and I took the chances to wiped out my makeup using cleansing wipes. First impression is:

  1. it’s unlike alcohol wet tissue and this is for sure, if anyone ever thought about it
  2. its so soft and very sure using a good quality that suitable to be use for our face skin
  3. it doesn’t wipes out all of my make up even after 5 tissue that I used
  4. you still need to wash your face with facial wash
  5. this is just a temporary solution to cleanse your skin, if you have no facial wash at that moment. No matter how lazy you are, you need to proper cleanse your face during night time
  6. Cleanse your face with proper cleansing method, which is using facial wash.



Q: How does the result after I using it? 

A: There is nothing special about this product, like for real! I will still prefer to use my Micellar water than cleansing wipes after that cleanse my face using facial wash, because this is what I believe to avoid acnes/pimples and more white/black head, also other skin problem, such as clogging pores, etc.


Q; Would you prefer to purchase it?

A: NO!


I guess that’s all my impression to cleansing wipes, anyway this is the new exciting product development in beauty community, you may or may not seeing article or any kind of visual media talking about this type of product, please don’t believe it immediately about the result that people often talked about, sometimes people like to use ‘be different’ in order to survive in this beauty industry, when actually your skin is the well-being. Be smart!


Comment down below box, if you think that the cleansing wipes changing the way you see cleansing as first step in achieving nice looking skin or even having same impression about this new product development. Let us hear what you about to say and discuss it furthermore.


Product are sponsored from Skin O2

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