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Thank you for always keep coming back to my little blog. Looking back to where I started this blog last year. I am really thankful to brands/business who give me a chance to work for their campaign. It was really a great experience to work with awesome people. Being a blogger is really hard, there is time that I really want to give up. Bumped into people who doesn’t really appreciate what blogger are doing is a sour experience. For people who work as fulltime blogger, that probably effect them even more but, experience is always be the best teacher. I just wish that the community are more transparent on what they deliver to readers, especially for those who write about review.

NEXT ON – I wish to say ‘THANK YOU”, without you reading this blog, I don’t think that I wanted to move forward and keep on blogging. On 2018, I wish to tell you that



I started this blog last year without help and support from friends nor family. They think that blogging is worthless job and I am not going to be anything but ordinary. Since, this type of activity is worthless for people that set their mind on earning money, and become popular.

“I like writing even thou my English grammar is bad, and I love beauty and I love taking picture”

and that’s thought let me move forward, because I know that I do the things that I have passion on it. Little by little, my effort is visible to others on the community, but I even more happier when I see there is new readers, it make me smile the whole day.

I view myself as a little girl finding a perfect pink balloon in the pool of balloon. “This is perfect. I like it!”. If we do what we passionate about, it’s really worth it! without thinking of any negative thought about it, such as money (“how much I can earn or time I waste”)



To end this article, I just wanna say to you “chase what you desire the most in this life, chase your passion. Make it come true and ignore what others have to say about your passion. They don’t have the right to say about the things that you love to do, but giving their support and compliment when you achieve something, so you won’t regret and reminisce it, when you grow old.




Felicia is a writer podcaster and social journalist. She previously writes for publisher company such as MEDIUM publisher and Allwomenstalkcom. She received the award for Top 50 Indonesian Beauty Blogger on March 2018.
Skin Condition: Dry, Dehydrated, Sensitive, prone to acne and irritation.
Beauty Products Essential: Facial Essence, Sheet mask, Occlusive, Hydrating cream and mask
Quote: “I can’t ever go on a day without my nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow and a good highlighter”
“A skincare routine is some ‘me’ time with you and your favorite person in this entire world”

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